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Baltimore, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2016 -- The professionals at Playtime Arts Academy of Greater Baltimore want residents of the greater Baltimore area to know that learning how to play a musical instrument comes with many, many perks that may not be known. For example, those who take in home piano lessons in Mt. Washington, MD and its surrounding areas are more likely to exhibit several skills that were developed while they learned how to play their respective instruments.

Those who learn how to play music at an early age develop several skills through practicing their instrument of choice; these skills serve the musicians well throughout the rest of their lives. For instance, musicians have superior critical thinking, listening, and concentration skills. These kinds of intangibles translate from musical practice to virtually every other arena of life. Learning music requires focus, which comes in handy when one needs to hone in on a specific task. Music also teaches students to listen, which aids them while in the classroom. It also fosters a healthy sense of concentration, which is great for learning.

Performing a musical in front of an audience of any size teaches musicians how to be comfortable while they are in front of people. Those who perform music are usually comfortable giving presentations, speeches, and in high-pressure situations during which their every action is under intense scrutiny.

Those interested in developing these skills in themselves or their children can call Playtime Academy of the Arts of Greater Baltimore at 410-654-9042 to learn about in home piano lessons in Mt. Washington and its surrounding areas. More information about the company can be found on their website at

About Playtime Arts Academy
Since 1997, Scott McGowan and the instructors at Playtime Arts Academy (formerly Playtime Piano) have brought fun, friendly piano lessons to the homes in the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area. Their at-home piano lessons are conveniently scheduled, and all instructors encourage creativity and originality in their students. Playtime Arts Academy's students range in age from small children to senior citizens, proving that it's never too early or too late to start embracing one's musical abilities.