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Playwright and Novelist Explores Questions of Life and Death, Love and Faith


Enumclaw, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2017 -- A woman's screams are just the beginning of a compelling mystery that changes Tod Harding's life. After he rescues a beautiful young woman from her attacker, he learns she is being pursued by sinister forces who believe she possesses the cure for cancer. When everyone else involved in the project is found murdered, Tod, a former Navy SEAL, helps Lea McEver search for the vitally important research.

In his contemporary thriller, Last Dance with Death (Redemption Press), novelist Duncan Othen explores the question of whether love and faith can thrive in deadly circumstances. The main characters are hunted and targeted for death, while their undeniable feelings for each other grow stronger. But both have secrets that may destroy the relationship.

Together they search for the one who has the potential cure for cancer—a mysterious homeless man who some believe is an angel. With their relationship and faith in God tested, they risk their lives to find him before their pursuers do.

About Duncan Othen
Duncan Othen, is the author of the mystery novel Kindness Kills, which was nominated for the Christy Award, an annual national award for the best first novel. Othen, also a playwright, has had numerous plays produced throughout the country and won several national awards. He says, "The readers of this novel should realize, as the characters eventually do, that although we can't understand why God allows tragedies to happen, we can still choose to trust in Him. To quote his character, Lea McEver, "Even if God explained His plan to us it would be incomprehensible--like us trying to explain to a golden retriever how a computer works."

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