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Please Believe People Are Hungry: Spiritual Memoir Details Author's Fifty Three-Day-Walk to the White House

Written by Lisa Thomas, this stirring book tells the tale of the author’s own experiences reaching politicians to spread the word of the United States’ hunger epidemic.


Brewton, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- When Lisa Thomas turned fifty-two, she asked God what she needed to do to help make people aware of the plight of the hungry. God responded by asking her to walk 110 miles to deliver a letter to the Governor of Alabama, telling him about the poverty and the devastation afflicting their state.

Thomas completed the walk in six days and delivered the letter to the office of Governor Bob Riley. When Riley refused to accept it, a media firestorm ignited and Thomas knew she had found her truest calling.

In her new spiritual memoir, ‘Please Believe People are Hungry’, Lisa Thomas tells of that journey to Governor Riley’s office, and of her longer voyage – the walk from Brewton, Alabama to Washington, DC to deliver the same letter to President George W. Bush.

928 miles and fifty-three days later – a heroine was born.

Told in day-to-day journal format, ‘Please Believe People are Hungry’ follows Thomas on her walk to The White House. With each step, Thomas recalled her early life hoeing Butter Beans with her Mother and picking cotton with her Father. She realized that every moment had led her to this – the ‘road-trip’ of a lifetime, meeting ordinary people who did extraordinary things and carrying a letter for the President.

“Often, people don’t believe they can make a difference,” says the author. “Especially Baby Boomers – they feel their time has come and gone. That simply isn’t true. Age doesn’t limit our capabilities, and in fact, it can make us even more resilient. I urge folks to read this story and believe they can do what ever God asks of them.”

Rooted in Divine faith and love, this book will make anyone believe in the enduring power of compassion, kindness and bravery.

‘Please Believe People are Hungry’ will be released soon. Reserve your copy today.

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About Lisa Thomas
Hunger Activist Lisa Thomas lives in Brewton, AL with her husband Freddie. She has been involved in the hunger movement for almost twenty years. A Baby Boomer born to poor laborers Lisa knows what hard times feel like. She owns and operates a restaurant in Brewton, AL (Drexel & Honeybee’s). Lisa also operates a food bank Carlisa, Inc. since 2002.