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Plentiful and Sustainable Energies Forever: Energy Expert's New Book Exposes Seven Technologies That Can "Rescue Earth from Overheating"

Dr. Klaus H. Hemsath’s ‘Plentiful and Sustainable Energies Forever: Rescuing Earth from Overheating’ is a ground-breaking text that makes public, for the first time, that as few as seven energy conversion technologies are capable of rescuing Earth from Global Warming. Using a combination of both new and established technologies, Dr. Hemsath is confident that Earth’s rapid heating can be completely reversed, saving millions of people from food shortages and allowing carbon-neutral energies to be embraced in a way they currently can’t.


Palmetto, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- There’s no way to sugarcoat it; the world is warming and bureaucrats are failing in their duties to find ways to utilize more energy to reverse it. With the global population set to hit ten billion by the end of the century, the use of fossil fuels is unfortunately necessary to power economies and society-at-large. While the world currently lacks technology to lower the concentration of greenhouse gases, one U.S. energy expert and inventor is providing the solutions in a powerful new book.

‘Plentiful and Sustainable Energies Forever: Rescuing Earth from Overheating’ is the work of Dr. Klaus H. Hemsath, who has spent five-decades developing and installing advanced energy technologies and has over sixty Patents to his name. His ground-breaking new book makes public, for the first time, the only seven technologies that can halt Global Warming and even reverse it.


It is now certain. Atmospheric pollution is accelerating. Global temperatures are rising. Climate changes are being observed more frequently. The repair of climate related damages is far less expensive than adaptation and mitigation. World governments are afraid of the expenses and are refusing to act. During the last three centuries, a dramatic increase of energy consumption by world economies has resulted in an explosion of the world’s population and has created much wealth in highly developed nations. All this progress was dependent on the consumption of more and more energy. Huge amounts of electricity are produced by coal combustion in power plants. Automobiles, trucks, trains, ships and airplanes depend almost entirely on burning petroleum derived fuels. Both are fossil fuels. Both coal and engine fuels from petroleum send huge amounts of polluting gases into the sky and heat up the atmosphere. People need food, shelter, electricity, and engine fuels for maintaining their standards of living. Governments must protect the supply of these essential human needs or will face upheavals and riots.

This book proposes to advance and use seven energy conversion technologies, which in combination are capable of supplying “Affordable and Sustainable Energies Forever.” It is scientifically and technologically possible to retrieve excessive atmospheric pollution while continuing with the production of plentiful foods, electricity, and engine fuels. Merely seven energy technologies are capable of producing affordable and sustainable energies, can maintain healthy growth of world economies, and can begin with the long-lasting retrieval of excessive atmospheric pollutants. But the clock of Nature keeps ticking. Scientists cannot yet exclude irreversible overheating events, which may result in the destruction of the only known intelligent life in the Universe.

“Believe it or not, these seven technologies can return atmospheric conditions to levels last seen in the 1960s,” explains Dr. Hemsath. “This will allow us to provide our rapidly-growing population with more food, give our economies an opportunity to boom and also open the floodgates to the development of carbon-neutral engine fuels and cleaner electricity.”

Continuing, “The bottom line is that we have to develop these new technologies if we want to save the Earth. There’s no quick-fix and ignorance during short-term political offices is exactly what has slowed this development process down. Some of the technology is well-known, much of it is novel, but the bottom line is that each component is vital for the future of humanity.”

Dr. Hemsath diligently wrote the book to have as wide an appeal as possible.

“While it’s as definitive as it can be, the book can easily be read and understood by any layperson. I start right at the beginning with an explanation of the root-cause of Global Warming, followed by an easy-to-digest walk through modern energy technologies and the new energy conversion technologies I propose. This book will be of vital use to any home, library or professional/academic institution,” he adds.

‘Plentiful and Sustainable Energies Forever: Rescuing Earth from Overheating’, from Outskirts Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1vghxQR.

About Dr. Klaus H. Hemsath
For fifty years Dr. Hemsath has developed, designed, and installed advanced energy technologies as scientist, process engineer, inventor, Corporate R&D Executive, CEO, entrepreneur, and author. He holds more than 60 US Patents. He combines experiences in high temperature design, R&D management, and as proven inventor of new processes. Visit http://www.thermalexpert.com.