Joe Bragg Reveals Incredible Poker Strategies


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- In the last ten years, poker has undergone an incredible transformation. A game that was once relegated to the domain of smoky, late night poker clubs has spectacularly exploded into the mainstream. Online real money poker fuelled this resurgence, and made poker almost impossible to escape in our present day culture. More people are playing poker than ever before, and many of them are looking to be taught how to play better.

One website making waves in this space is, a popular poker strategy website. It provides a place for both poker novices and more advanced players to pick up strategic hints and tips for the game.

The bulk of the site focuses on the popular “texas hold em” variant of poker, but there are many strategies that can also be applied to other variants. There is a plethora of quality editorial content, giving detailed guidance on how to apply proven game winning methods. Strategy guides are broken up into levels of expertize, going from beginner to intermediate and advanced. guides users from very basics of poker playing and rules, going right up to profitable strategies that have been used in professional games.

There is also a section of the site that reports recent news in the poker world. keeps readers updated on tournament wins, new poker rooms, new poker software, and other goings on in the professional and amateur game. Online and offline events are reported faithfully and in full.

The centrepiece of the site is the Sit n Go strategy guide, a detailed tutorial that comprehensively discusses strategies that can be used to profitably play Sit n Go strategy tournaments. Visitors to the site can obtain this free strategy guide in return for merely providing an e-mail address.

A spokesperson for the site said “We wanted to build an all encompassing poker strategy resource that would be useful to people who are totally new to the game, as well as intermediate and advanced players. Poker is an exciting game but too many people are struggling to win money. Playing shouldn’t just be fun, it can also be profitable, and by following the strategy guides available on our site anyone can become a profitable poker player with a few weeks of focus, dedication and practice.”

About was established in April 2012 by an experienced poker player as an online poker strategy resource for players of all levels; to provide solid, unbiased reviews of the best online poker rooms and keep players informed on the latest happenings in the poker world.

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