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PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC Presents New Hard Money Commercial Loan Options

PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC launches campaign to ensure businesses understand the variety of funding options open to them


Livonia, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- Certain parts of the globe continue to see healthy investment in real estate, yet the lack of quality product remains a problem, as it doesn't show the accurate picture in terms of supply and demand. As a result, certain investors now look outside of their home country for commercial real estate, leading to a need for international Financing commercial real estate. PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC assists those who find themselves in this situation.

"Hard money commercial loans differ from traditional loans in that they are backed by a parcel of real estate and tend to come with a higher interest loan rate, and these types of loans tend to be for the short term, lasting a few months or a few years. International hard money lenders often provide funds for those with distressed financial situations, such as those who have fallen behind on a traditional mortgage, or those going through a bankruptcy or foreclosure," Val Davis, VP of Commercial Lending for PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC, explains.

Structured financing offers businesses one method of obtaining the funding they need, as it helps to transfer risk by increasing funding or liquidity. Many options remain open, with hard money loans being one, and all work to decrease overall risk to investors or increase the LTV. Many, when they wish to fund a loan that doesn't meet industry standards, choose to make use of this option and PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC can be of help.

"Never let a great project go unfunded due to a lack of funding. PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC works to find ways to fund projects of this type, including collateralized debt obligations, asset-backed securities, and bank guarantees. With the help of these instruments, businesses find they have new sources of funding, ones they may have overlooked," Davis continues.

In addition to these financial products, PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC furnishes many other items designed to help businesses flourish. Consider international project funding for humanitarian projects or a business line of credit to meet ongoing or unexpected expenses. Others turn to the financial firm to obtain a real estate loan or lease new equipment.

"PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC continues to show their expertise when it comes to finding new solutions to common problems, ensuring clients have the capital they want and need at all times. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, the company understands the needs of clients and makes use of a creative underwriting process to help clients across the globe. Contact PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC for assistance today as companies are often surprised to see the funding they may obtain with the help of this company," Davis declares.

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PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC consists of a group of companies offering more than 40 years of combined experience within the financial industry. The company specializes in a wide range of areas, including commercial mortgage lending and equipment leasing, and offers private lending programs for those with relatively low risk and aggressive earnings. PLG Capital Funding Group, LLC assists clients in meeting established financial goals, using a creative underwriting policy to ensure deals are finalized quickly and efficiently.