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PLL Clock Generator Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2017–2027

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2018 -- Today clock generators have become the basic building blocks of all electronics. They have a wide variety of applications, ranging from a small memory chip to a supercomputer. Clock generators basically generate waveforms, which are required for working of any at a particular frequency, as required by the equipment. In many applications, oscillators are used for the same, but a clock generator can generate a variety of frequencies, which cannot be generated using an oscillator. Basically, a clock generator has two components, namely resonators and crystals.

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Apart from the umpteenth of uses of clock generators, PLL clock generators came into the market because of the additional advantages it carries like low noise and jitter. Basically, a PLL is a phase locked loop, which is used to remove the error which occurs in the frequency generated. It removes the error in the frequency by comparing the output with a reference signal and then generates an error signal, and the output signal gets corrected by error signal, by either decreasing or increasing it, and then the correct signal is locked which is then sent to the specified application, thus improving the accuracy of the generated frequency.

Global Market of PLL Clock Generator: Drivers and Restraint

With the increasingly stringent timing constraints required in high-performance systems extensively used in day to day applications today, the PLL clock generator is finding their applications in myriads of devices. This extensive use of PLL clock generator is expected to increase its demand in the market, witnessing a healthy CAGR in the forecast period. Phase/delay compensation, frequency multiplication, duty cycle correction, decreased noise and jitter are some of the key benefits, offered by the PLL clock generator, which are not present in the simple clock generators. As the PLL clock generator is the basic building blocks of any systems, these benefits basically eliminate all the errors that can occur while frequency generation. This highly reduces the probability of errors in the overall system, may the PLL clock generator is deployed in any system.

Factors such as high cost can be expected to make a negative impact on the market in short term, but as the benefits from PLL clock generator is ascertained, the overall impact will diminish in the long term. However, the paradigm shift in using basic clock generators to PLL clock generators, due to reduced jitter and noise, thereby increasing overall efficiency of the systems in which the PLL clock generators are deployed, is expected to continue propelling market for PLL clock generators during the forecast period

Global Market of PLL Clock Generator: Segmentation

Segmentation of PLL Clock Generator on basis of Output frequency:

The PLL Clock Generator services can be segmented into:

Less than 200 MHz

200-400 MHz

400-600 MHz

600-800 MHz

Segmentation of PLL Clock Generator on basis of Output Stage:

The major segments of output stage in this market include:






The output stages of clock generator can be different semiconductor devices such as CMOS, PECL, Clock, and LVCMOS, which are chosen on the basis of input impedance or output impedances or various other parameters, depending on the application, the PLL clock generator needs to be deployed

Segmentation of PLL Clock Generator on basis of regions:

The PLL Clock Generator market is sub-segmented into 7 key regions- North America, Latin America, East Europe, West Europe, Asia-Pacific excluding Japan, Japan and Middle East & Africa.

Asia Pacific continues to be the hotbed of the electronics market, thus propelling most of the demand for the PLL clock generators. Further, North America market led by the US is expected to remain second largest market for PLL clock generator, the trend expected to continue over the years, followed by Western Europe also expected to witness healthy CAGR

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Global Market of PLL Clock Generator: Key Players

Cirrus Logic, Microsemi Corporation, ON Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated, Integrated Device Technology, Inc., and Texas Instruments Incorporated, are some of the key players in the PLL Clock Generator market.