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Plumber Denver Co Capturing Attention for Expert, Personalized Service


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Plumber Denver CO” is what many homeowners type into a search engine to find an outstanding local plumber in the Mile High City, and when Colorado Heating Cooling Corp. appears, they can be sure they’ve found a company that will carefully attend to their plumbing, heating and cooling needs. If they need help determining if their water pipes have frozen, Colorado Heating Cooling Corp. is experienced and knowledgeable and can be at their home promptly.

Homeowners on the hunt for a residential plumber in Denver will know from their first encounter with Colorado Heating Cooling Corp. that they have hired the right company. The company has gotten a lot of attention lately for its sound advice that can help prevent pipes from freezing this winter.

For example, if a homeowner is concerned about water pipes freezing during the cold months, this Denver plumbing service recommends taking the following steps to prevent or minimize the chances of this happening. First, in the winter, cover any water pipes exposed to outside air with special “heat tape” available at a hardware store. Second, any work on the home that will result in inside pipes being exposed to outside air should be undertaken with caution, ensuring that the exposed pipes are adequately covered before work begins or as soon as possible after exposure occurs.

Next, during very cold days and nights, keep the home’s heater at a temperature of 70 degrees. Also, if a homeowner has had previous problems with freezing pipes, he or she is advised to keep a tiny amount of warm water trickling out of a faucet, especially at night. A pipe with water moving through it is less likely to freeze. Finally, after a night of freezing or below-freezing temperatures, homeowners should check in the morning to see if they have water running through their pipes.

If there is no water running through pipes, homeowners should call Colorado Heating Cooling Corp. for professional, friendly, affordable and fast service. These expert plumbers in Denver Colorado will make sure that water pipes are correctly warmed and treated before they can crack or burst. Cracked or burst water pipes can cost homeowners a great deal of money and frustration.

About Colorado Heating Cooling Corp.
Colorado Heating Cooling Corp. opened in 2005 with every one of its employees embracing the value of “People doing business with people.” Company owner and plumbing and heating professional Larry Benavidez is also known as “Larry the plumber” by his long-time clients. He has created a culture of trust personified and reinforced by every technician’s professionalism, courtesy and expertise. The company specializes in heating and air conditioning, water heating systems, furnace heating and repair, radiant floor heating and more. For more information, please visit http://www.coloradoheatingcoolingcorp.com.