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Plumber in DC Announces Their After Hours Emergency Plumbing Help

Plumber in DC is a company that is based in Washington, DC. They are reputed for giving quality work along with fair pricing. They have announced their emergency plumbing services for any repairs that need to be done after normal business hours and on weekends. They understand emergencies don't always happen between 7-6 on a weekday.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2016 -- This company is a family owned and operated business in the DC area . They value their customer's trust and demonstrate this in various ways. Every one of the technicians that works for Plumber in DC is licensed and insured. These plumbers have been through quite a lot of training and education in order to make sure that they give the best service possible, and their knowledge of zoning regulations and codes ensure they do this correctly.

Along with highly educated technicians, Plumber in DC also has a knowledgeable customer service staff to take customer calls. They have been trained and briefed in plumbing topics and they can assist customers with ease. Their reputation for understanding and empathy is matched only by their politeness and friendliness. The owner insists on delivering quick service, and as a licensed plumber himself, understands that arriving as soon as possible to a plumbing emergency can reduce repair and damage costs.

Plumber in DC is announcing that they now offer 24-hour emergency services to their new and old customers alike. The normal business hours for Plumber in DC are 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. There is a small fee for emergency plumbing, to help cover the technicians that are on call after hours during the week and on the weekends. This company understands that plumbing repairs usually cannot wait, because there are many problems that can arise from them. Mold and mildew can form or pipes can burst. The household water supply may have to have been shut off to minimize leaking and flooding, or sewer lines can back up and be unusable.

Plumber in DC provides a long list of repairs, replacements, and installations for homes and businesses. Repairing leaking and burst pipes, cleaning and unclogging drains, repairing and replacing faucets, toilets and showers, and repairing sewer and water pumps are just a few things they are trained and licensed to handle. They can also take care of water pressure, filtration, or conditioning needs as well. As a sister company to 4FastPlumber, they are established and reputable. They have targeted building business in the DC area and are ready to increase clientele.

About Plumber in DC
This company is ready to show its customers that they can do work not only during business hours, but also when needed in an emergency. They state that they are only a phone call away and they are ready and available to alleviate stress, suffering, and damages. There are many favorable 5 star reviews for this company that can attest to their dedication. Further information can be found at

Plumber In DC
620 Park Rd NW #22,
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 810-0624