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Plumber in DC to Provide Commercial and Corporate Services


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2016 -- Plumber in DC has announced an expansion of their clientele to include commercial and corporate customers. They have been granted the license necessary to provide commercial plumbing services in the D.C. area. According to the local plumbing company, which also provides service to residential customers, they will offer their full range of plumbing services to these business customers.

Plumber in DC has already put their commercial and corporate plumbing skills to the test: the company has indicated that they have already either completed plumbing work or made agreements for future plumbing work with several national and local businesses. In the DC area, Plumber in DC was called on to fix a main sewer back up at a national chain restaurant. They have also fixed plumbing issues at national clothing stores in the DC area. Additionally, Plumber in DC has an agreement with another national restaurant chain to replumb many of their stores across the country.

The company offered a wide range of services to residential customers that they will provide to commercial customers as well: sewer work, camera inspections, reverse osmosis, water heater services, and drain cleaning, as well as their full range of plumbing services. Plumber in DC's announcement communicated their understanding that the nature of commercial plumbing needs can be just as urgent as the plumbing issues of homeowners; thus, they will provide their 24/7 availability, outside of their normal business hour schedule, to their business customers as well.

Other services that Plumber in DC expects to provide for local and national businesses include water heater problems. The company's employment of master gas fitters, capable of handling the problems of a commercial water heater, may prove to be an asset as they seek commercial clients. The local plumbing company also has experience in appliance installation. As businesses expand out into new facilities with new appliances, or seek to upgrade their current sinks, toilets and other fixtures, Plumber in DC will be able to assist in the assessment, installation and follow-up stages.

The company notes that it will continue to focus its energy for both residential and commercial customers on prevention of plumbing emergencies. Plumber in DC understands and attempts to stress to its customers the notion that routine plumbing issues are often the root cause of these emergencies. They stress taking care of sink, tub, shower or toilet clogs while they are only minor problems. Plumber in DC would much rather fix these problems for their customers, as bothersome as they may be, before having to fix them after they develop into or are discovered as emergency drainage system problems.

About Plumber in DC
Plumber in DC is a family owned and operated company. They have long conducted business in the DC area. The company considers the origin of its success to be its focus on customer service and employment of high-quality technicians. They particularly enjoy the process of building long-term relationships with customers.

More information about Plumber in DC, their services and specific details on recent commercial services they have provided for well-known stores in the DC area can all be found on their website

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