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Plumber in DC to Provide Water Heater Services


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2016 -- Plumber in DC has announced through their website the capability of the local DC area plumbing company to provide water heater services to customers within its extensive service territory. This water heater service is available in addition to the variety of other plumbing services it provides to both commercial and residential customers.

The announcement on the company's website acknowledges the regularity with which people have issues with their water heater. It further states the importance of having these issues evaluated and fixed by plumbing experts with considerable training and experience. Plumber in DC asserts their employment of such experts and their dispatching of them to fix their customers' water heater problems.

The variety of water heaters serviced by Plumber in DC is also pointed out on their website. The company notes their ability to fix and experience with fixing all types of electric, gas and hybrid water heaters. Not only is their experience with the repair process conveyed, their experience with the evaluation and diagnosis of issues is relayed with equal measure. Plumber in DC encourages, on their website, potential customers to contact them regarding all forms of water heater repair, maintenance and replacement.

Plumber in DC informs customers throughout its website of its ability to respond to the plumbing needs of both commercial and residential customers. The company's description of its water heater services is no exception to this, as explicit mention is made of both commercial and residential water heater needs being met by Plumber in DC.

Due to the potential of a water heater service need being of an emergency nature, Plumber in DC's service description accepts this potential reality and affirms its importance. Both emergency water heater repair and emergency water heater replacement are among the services listed on the company's website. The local plumbing company concludes its water heater service description by assuring customers that they utilize master plumbers and gas fitters employed by the company, as opposed to the use of sub-contractors for plumbing services.

Further information about the water heating services of Plumber in DC can be found on their website under the heading "Services" and the sub-heading "Water Heater Services." Among the other services the site lists prominently are plumbing services, emergency plumbing services, commercial and corporate services and remodeling and renovation services. 

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About Plumber In DC
Plumber in DCs website notes that they strive to be a company where "integrity and service meet." They are a family owned and operated business and report taking considerable measures to ensure their plumbers are properly certified and equipped to deal with a full range of plumbing issues. Their website further reports their employment of licensed master plumbers and licensed master gas fitters. Such certifications are meant to ensure that proper training has been provided and experience and skill is possessed by their employees.

For more information on the business and the services they offer, Plumber in DC may be contacted utilizing the information below.

Plumber In DC
Address: 620 Park Road NW #22, Washington, D.C. 20010
Phone: 202-810-0624