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Plumber Singapore Announces Upgraded Website with Better Navigation and Useful Tips


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Plumber Singapore ( is announcing today that its website has received some major updates to make navigation easier, the site faster, and added useful plumbing tips and resources for visitors.

Jason Tan, media contact was asked recently why the changes were necessary. "Our website began seeing more visitors and we were adding more to the site, and as a result, the site was becoming increasingly slower and harder to navigate. The updates have increased the speed of the site and we have made it easier for visitors to navigate through the different pages. We are pleased with the latest updates, and even during the busy peak times of the day, the site is performing very well."

According to Mr. Tan, "We are continuing to add useful information from simple do-it-yourself plumbing fixes to knowing when its time to call a Plumbing Service. Currently we have added articles on the site that provide resources for visitors including tips for fixing a leaky faucet, toilet flushing problems, easily taking care of clogged drains, and ways to reduce your water consumption. We will continue to add more articles with tips and tricks for homeowners since there are several simple plumbing problems that a homeowner can fix on their own."

Asked about how Plumber Singapore was unique from other plumbing services, Mr. Tan smiled and said, "Many plumbing services charge by the hour, which can add up quickly depending on the number of hours the job takes to complete. We do not charge by the hour but by the job itself, which typically works out to be quite a bit cheaper than an hourly rate. We also offer a free assessment so that a customer will know upfront how much the repairs will be. We print a receipt during the assessment and that is all the customer will be charged should they hire us to do the work."

The company offers a number of plumbing services including water heater repair and installation, pipe leaks, pipe bursts, drain chokes, and toilet bowl choke. Mr. Tan added, "We also offer bidet installation as well as concealing pipes, which for many older homes can be a problem."

Asked about the future of the website, Mr. Tan said, "We're thrilled with the updates and we'll continue to add more information that is useful to our customers. We are seeing an increase in traffic to the site, which has brought in new clients so we envision a very bright future with the website and as a company."

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Plumber Singapore was founded during the 1980s and has quickly become a leader in fixing any kind of plumbing problem, no matter how large or small job, this Singapore Plumber Service is always up for the challenge. The company prides itself on customer retention by building a rapport and a good working relationship with each customer. They receive numerous referrals as a result of their excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and a solid work ethic. The company also offers a 90 day warranty on any job it completes for a customer.