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Plumber Singapore Launches Web Page Devoted to Resolution of Plumbing Issues

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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- According to recent studies, improperly resolved plumbing issues, from both exterior leakage and interior fixture complications, are responsible for approximately $8,000 in damages per incident within an average household. Plumbing experts and insurance companies are in agreement that these unnecessary expenses can easily be avoided with routine plumbing inspections. One of the most commonly dealt with issues has become impaired septic drainage. In order to assist the public in reducing additional damage in the case of such situations, Plumber Singapore has launched their new web page containing comprehensive, step by step instructions on the resolution of this problem.

Jason Tan of Plumber Singapore explained, "Besides being inconvenient for any family, toiletbowl choke may cause thousands of dollars in damage to floors and other expensive bathroom fixtures. In many cases, the water level in the toilet may simply rise more than usual and eventually go down the drain; however, more serious clogs can lead to gushing overflows and waste being distributed across the bathroom floor. Resulting overflow is unsanitary and can lead to the spread of diseases such as influenza, rotovirus, toxoplasmosis and hepatitis. Our newest web page displays detailed instructions regarding how to effectively handle a situation such as this."

Tan continued, "We recommend first shutting off the water supply to the toilet. Next, supplies including latex gloves, bleach, a bucket, a plunger, drain cleaner and a wire hanger or drain snake should be gathered. After donning the gloves, the bucket should be used to remove as much excess water as possible from the toilet bowl, in order to minimize the spread of pathogens through waste. The first, and simplest, method of attempting to remove the clog involves using the plunger. If that is unsuccessful, the hanger or drain snake is the next option, followed by the drain cleaner. After the clog has been removed, clean any areas affected by the overflow with bleach or another antibacterial cleanser."

"As a fully licensed plumbing service, we provide a number of repair and maintenance benefits to the community," Tan went on to say, "What makes our company unique is that we offer emergency repair services, price estimates before the work is done, and our customers only pay after the job is completed and they are fully satisfied with our work. In addition to toiletbowl choke issues, we perform repairs on leaking or damaged pipes and maintenance or installation on water heaters, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, washing machine connections and much more. We also offer a toll free 24 hour hot line for questions or assistance."

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