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Plumber Toronto Announces Emergency Plumber Services

Calling an emergency plumber can save homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars by preventing extensive water damage, reports Plumber Toronto


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Plumber Toronto today announced its emergency plumbing service that covers the entire Greater Toronto Area and allows consumers to obtain help with water or pipe problems at all times of the day and night. This will help people prevent thousands of dollars' worth of damage from problems ranging from burst pipes to backed-up sewer lines. Since there'll be no need to wait until morning, it will also prevent the inconvenience of having to turn off all of the water in a house or building for extended periods.

"The most urgent plumbing problem is likely a broken pipe, since that can cause hundreds of liters of water to flood all over the place," said Ben Flagg of Plumber Toronto. "However, such catastrophes usually aren't the reason for calls to an emergency plumber in Toronto. Instead, we see more people with problems like overflowing toilets, other types of clogged drains, and things like that. These problems can still cause huge messes, but they usually don't cause as much damage as a pipe that has broken and is constantly gushing water everywhere."

Toilet overflows are especially nasty because the toilet has usually been used just before the problem came to light. The user will try to flush, only to see the water level rise instead of falling. Usually, the water will stop before it goes over the edges of the bowl, but that's not always the case. Either way, if a plunger doesn't restore operation, it's time to call the plumber. Otherwise, the toilet will be unusable, and this is a big problem if there's only one toilet in the house. Of course, it will also begin to smell even if it doesn't at first. Bacteria grow quickly in such environments.

"We use a variety of methods to get clogged drains working again," said Flagg. "Drain-snaking is just one of our tools. We can do everything from augering to complete pipe replacement to fix a blockage, and those who call us can be sure that we will get everything flowing smoothly again."

Another reason people may call a plumber in Toronto on an emergency basis is to have the professional repair or replace faucets and other fixtures that have suddenly broken. This problem is more common in recent years thanks to the rise of inexpensive faucets that can only take so many turns before their internal workings give out. When they break, the user is often left holding a faucet handle that has disconnected from the rest of the fixture. If the water wasn't off when this happened, it will continue to flow out of the faucet. Plumber Toronto's new emergency service ensures that such problems can be fixed before they cause expensive damages, high water bills, and other such follow-on events.

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