PlumberMelbourne4u Announces Water Safety Inspection Service

Water inspections and timely repairs can save thousands of dollars, reports PlumberMelbourne4u


Melbourne, VIC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- PlumberMelbourne4u (, a Melbourne-based plumbing and gas line repair company, has announced its water inspection and repair services for area residences and businesses. These services allow for the timely and effective detection and repair of problems that could otherwise cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage.

"Many people wait to call a plumber until something major has happened," said Jonathon Ryan of plumbermelbourne4u. "This can be fine if the problem is something like a blocked toilet, but a hidden leak is a different story. Water dripping from a pipe behind a wall or above a ceiling will feed mold and allow rot to set in. The damage caused by the rot can cost thousands of dollars to fix because it often requires replacing wall joists, drywall, and ceiling or floor panels. This type of damage is called 'structural damage' because it affects the physical integrity of the house or building itself. Fortunately, preventing it is often simple. Getting water safety inspections allows customers to find out about hidden drips while they're still in the nuisance stage."

While it is possible for a hidden leak to be the problem, it's more common for leaks to develop in faucets. These leaks cause no damage since the water just goes down the drain, but they do waste plenty of water. In the city, water wastage causes the water bill to be needlessly high. Those in rural areas usually have wells, but the water still isn't free; the pump will run more often and cause the electricity bill to increase.

A more basic factor - the annoying noise of a dripping faucet - is also mentioned at

"Leaks of any sort can be big problems thanks to the tremendous amount of water that even a little drip will waste," Ryan noted, "but we actually get more calls for fixing blocked drains. Usually, these drains come from toilets and sinks, and it's fairly easy to prevent outright damage in these locations. The problem is that this prevention involves not using the affected fixture, and this can be horribly inconvenient. When people can't get the drains working again by plunging them or using other do-it-yourself methods, they call us to get the water flowing again."

In many cases, plumbers use a high-tension cable to dig into clogs and then physically remove them. While these devices are sold to consumers, they can be tricky and frustrating to use. Therefore, many people end up calling a plumber to do the job. If the cable isn't powerful enough to eliminate the blockage, a plumber can use other methods, such as power augering, to drill through the clog. Augers are more likely to be needed for sewer drains, which can be infiltrated by dense tree roots that can't otherwise be budged. Most of the time, methods like this are all that are needed to eliminate a drain blockage.

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PlumberMelbourne4u is a plumbing and gas line repair service operating in and around Melbourne, Australia. It provides inspections, repairs, and installations of pipes and equipment for both water and gas service.