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Plumbers 911 Washington D.C. Branch Redesigns Website


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Plumbers 911 Washington D.C. branch has recently opted to redesign their website to better highlight its strengths as well as offer users accessible information and home plumbing tips.  The redesigned website can also be found at a new URL:

Local Company Accommodates Local Community

Plumbers 911 is a national plumbing referral service contracting only the best local plumber in US cities.  Their Washington DC branch is not a large, national chain.  It is made up of local plumbing contractors and technicians.  It has extensive resources, but it is a company that knows, resides in, and serves the local community.

Plumbers 911 works with skilled, prescreened contractors to ensure 24/7 service for residential and commercial plumbing needs.  Their technicians answer calls at any time of day, 365 days a year.  By calling them, Metropolitan DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia residents can get assistance on nights, weekends, holidays— anytime they need a plumber, their emergency technicians will respond.  It’s this reliable, efficient service that has allowed them to expand their model to the D.C. area.

Now that Plumbers 911 is here, it wants the community to know what it can offer.  Its new website,, provides accessible information on the services offered and gives users easy ways to contact a licensed, local plumber for immediate help.  Services include all plumbing, heating/cooling, remodeling, and source inspection issues.

When calling Plumbers911, customers are connected to a technician within the hour who will listen to the issues and formulate the appropriate response, whether that be scheduling a visit to diagnose the problem or diagnosing the problem over the phone and scheduling the repair.  Regardless of the approach needed, a service professional will arrive within two hours to take care of the problem.

Website Boasts New Features

Plumbers 911 has improved the design of its website to help D.C. residents find the services they need.  The site features updated contact forms and three area links to connect users with local technicians based on their location within the D.C. metro.  Because Plumbers 911 offers services to Washington D.C., Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia, potential customers can choose a specific location in order to get the fastest service from someone who is familiar with their community.

The site will also feature tips and recommendations from expert plumbers.  For example, blog entries include advice on preventative maintenance for both residential and commercial plumbing systems.  The company believes this type of preventative care is the most important factor in keeping home or business plumbing running smoothly.  It has set up a service blog in order to assist its valued customers in maintenance techniques before they ever have issues.  New advice, information, and tips can be found every week on the blog.

Contact Plumbers 911

About Plumbers911
Plumbers911 is made up of a group of local, pre-qualified, licensed, ensured, inbounded contractors from the Washington DC, northern Virginia, and southern Maryland areas.  Call   877-74-LEAKS (877-745-3257) or visit the new website at  Their experienced professionals will get in touch immediately to set your plumbing solution in motion.

Name:  Plumbers 911 DC
Media Contact Name:  David Welch
Address: 5891 Allentown Road, Camp Springs MD 20746
Phone: 877-745-3257