Plumbers Advise Water Conservation During National Drinking Water Week


Carson, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2016 -- Plumber Carson CA recommends a plumbing checkup for Fix a Leak Week, which will be beneficial for the environment as well as useful for trimming the excess from local residents' water bills.In total, US homes have been estimated by the EPA to waste one trillion gallons of water on an annual basis. Such waste is bad for the environment because freshwater supplies are limited. However, it is also bad for US consumers because it means that their water bills are ballooning out of their control. As a result, Plumber Carson CA recommends a simple check-up of their systems for local residents during the upcoming Fix a Leak Week, which will be taking place between March 14 and March 20, 2016.

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This is particularly important for a couple of reasons. First, most leaks start because of a small number of common causes. Second, most of these common causes can be caught and corrected at minimal cost. For example, fixing most leaks with faucets and shower-heads is as simple as tightening their washers and gaskets, though some cases might call for replacing said components with more water-efficient options. Similarly, the single common cause of a leaking toilet is a problem with its rubber flapper, which is both simple and inexpensive to replace, while similar problems in a wide range of areas can be fixed with some Teflon tape and some gentle tightening with a wrench.

Of course, it is particularly important for local residents to get their systems checked out if they notice something wrong with them. For example, a standard family of four should be using no more than 12,000 gallons of water during the winter, meaning that a measurement exceeding this amount can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Those who want to run a simple test can do so by noting the exact reading of their water dial, stopping all use of water in their home for a short period of time, and then checking the water dial again to see if it has moved. If it has, they need to call in plumbers such as Plumber Carson CA to catch and correct potential problems with their systems before they can become worse.

By taking such precautions, local residents will not just be helping out the environment but also looking for their own financial interests by making sure that their systems are running efficiently and effectively. With plumbing as with other things, prevention tends to be much simpler and much less expensive than the cure, which is why plumbing inspections are so important.

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