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Saint Paul, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2018 -- When a plumbing or heating disaster strikes during the holidays, not even holly, tinsel or twinkle lights can restore residents to good spirits. Common cold-weather headaches like frozen pipes, furnace breakdowns and unexpected boiler repair in Minneapolis could result in costly home damage and canceled parties or travel plans. McQuillan Bros, Minnesota's Original plumbing and heating company, reminds residents that they can avoid most common holiday home problems with simple preseason maintenance and common-sense preventive care.

Five Maintenance Tips for a Festive Holiday
Christmas, Hanukah and other celebrations bring big changes to household routines. Gatherings of family and friends stretch home comfort systems to their limits, making furnaces, kitchen and laundry drains, appliances and bathroom fixtures more likely to malfunction. Travel plans take residents away for long absences during harsh winter weather. With no one home to spot a small leak or equipment hiccup, minor problems can escalate into emergencies. Homeowners can minimize holiday inconveniences and safeguard their homes with these quick tips:

Check furnace filters and boiler pressure before hosting a big party. The easiest way to assure your heater is working properly is to schedule inspection and maintenance by McQuillan Bros' certified HVAC professionals. Offering seasonal maintenance and boiler repair in Washington County and Hennepin County, McQuillan Bros has served the Twin City region for decades.

Clean and inspect drains in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. Mesh filters installed in sinks, tubs and showers help prevent clogs from hair and foreign objects when plumbing usage increases with holiday guests. Adding extra wastebaskets in the kitchen and bathrooms encourage proper disposal of paper and food.

Minimize garbage disposal use during large family meals and parties. Disposing of food in trash cans or compost containers helps to eliminate clogs caused by bones, eggshells and dense foods.

Increase water heater settings to 120°F and schedule short intervals between guest showers to ensure hot water for everyone. Avoid running the dishwasher or doing laundry during times of peak shower use.

When homes are crowded with guests, less heat is required for comfort. Homeowners can save on energy costs and maintain a comfortable environment by lowering thermostats a few degrees. Installing a programmable thermostat before the holidays allows smart comfort management even when no one is home.

Following these tips from McQuillan Bros will help Minneapolis and Saint Paul families enjoy the season's blessings in a warm, safe home environment.

About McQuillan Bros Plumbing, Heating & AC
For more than 130 years, McQuillan Bros has been caring for Twin City homes. Our family-owned and –operated HVAC and plumbing business is committed to providing dependable plumbing and HVAC service when Minnesota families need us most. If boiler repair in Minneapolis or frozen pipes in Saint Paul threaten to disrupt holiday celebrations, homeowners can call 651.237.5097 for 24/7 emergency service from the certified McQuillan team. Our fair, upfront pricing and prompt response will keep budgets on track and celebrations on schedule. Homeowners with a new heating and cooling system on their holiday wish lists should check out McQuillan Bros' rebates on qualified purchases.