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Plunge and Play Publishes New Material on Above Ground Pools and Hot Tubs for Homeowners

Plunge and Play has created new buying guides for above ground pools and hot tubs to help individuals get all the fun and enjoyment of a pool without expensive excavations.


Apopka, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2014 -- Swimming pools for the home are a sign of luxury, but the excavations required to put a pool in at ground level are extremely expensive and likely to price many people out of the market, preventing them from being able to enjoy a cooling experience in summer or some hot tub action in winter. Plunge and Play understands that there are still many individuals looking for an affordable option, and has therefore published informative guides to above ground pools and hot tubs that open up this luxury to a whole new market.

The buying guides are full of useful suggestions consumers may not have thought of before visiting the site, including recommendations for an oval pool to allow length swimmers to get in valuable exercise without it dominating the floor space quite like a round pool. The guides also confer a list of essential things to look for in a purchase to ensure an enjoyable experience without any nasty surprises.

The guide for hot tubs is equally comprehensive, and gets into the details of what separates a good and a great hot tub, such as lighting, massage jets, seating and additional features. It even describes what to look for in a vendor and installation crew to ensure every phase of buying and installing goes smoothly.

A spokesperson for Plunge and Play explained, “Plunge and Play is dedicated to democratizing the fun of a pool and making it available to all. These new buying guides are designed to give people a sensible, common sense approach to purchasing what may be the most important purchase homeowners will make besides the house itself. Choosing quality with these products is particularly important, and our checklists help people stay mindful of what they should be looking for. We help people avoid rip-offs and find great pools at a great price, whatever their circumstances.”

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