Vascular PRN

Pneumatic Compression Therapy Market to Continue Robust Growth


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2018 -- A new market research report predicts the global market for pneumatic compression therapy devices, already a strong-performing segment of the health care industry, will continue to grow through 2025.

Vascular PRN of Tampa, Florida, a leading national distributor of pneumatic compression products, is poised to grow along with this market. The company's president, Greg Grambor, said the impressive forecast comes as no surprise.

"We're seeing more hospitals and nursing homes come to rely on pneumatic compression as a first-line defense against deep vein thrombosis (DVT), lymphedema and other ailments," Grambor said.

The report, published by Persistence Market Research, predicts the global market will grow to $670 million in 2025, with North America leading in revenue generation. High prevalence of varicose vein disease and deep vein thrombosis are key factors in the forecast, as well as increasing support for reimbursement of pneumatic compression costs by insurers.

Other key growth factors include increasing patient awareness and home care equipment. According to Greg Grambor, when patients learn about pneumatic compression, they tend to inquire about it and request it from their doctors.

"The therapy is very non-invasive, comfortable and easy to follow," Grambor said, "and modern devices are easily used in the home and even on the go with portable models. High patient compliance and satisfaction is one of the best parts of this health care success story."

Based on distribution channels, the compression therapy market is divided into three segments: Hospitals, Clinics and E-Commerce. Market research indicates the hospital segment is expected to be the largest in terms of revenue, followed by clinics and then e-commerce.