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Pocket Hose Review: Does It Work or Is It "Hosing" Customers?

Pocket Hose: Does the world’s smallest, most durable hose stand up to the test?


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- No doubt, there are times when people need a garden hose to wash the car, spray off the deck, or water the garden.

But unfortunately, these are also the times when a lot of people find themselves cursing at the hose because it’s not long enough to reach where it needs to. They may also find that it bends, tangles, or kinks so that it cuts off the water supply and leaves just a tiny trickle.

What's worse is when it catches on the corner of something and doesn’t come free when it’s pulled on. Or the fact it’s a hassle to unravel and then ravel back up again.

Bottom line, it can be a total pain to deal with most regular, large garden hoses. Even people who love doing yard work, gardening, and washing the car often complain about dealing with bulky garden hoses.

That’s why Pocket Hose is starting to turn a trickle of users into a very big stream of happy, raving fans.

Pocket Hose is the first and only garden hose that literally shrinks down small enough so it can fit into the pocket of a pair of pants. In fact, it’s so small that it can fit in the palm of a person’s hand when there’s no water running through it.

But despite the very small size, it’s sturdy, powerful, and dependable. Hook it up to a water supply and suddenly it turns into a regular, 50 foot hose that can be used to water anything easy and hassle free.

Since it’s so compact and lightweight, it’s also very easy to carry around. This one tiny little hose can literally take the place of a giant, cumbersome hose. No more lugging those large garden hoses around.

Not only is the Pocket Hose much more convenient to store and transport, but it’s also very easy to use. To get started with it simply take it out of the package, unravel it, and hook it up to the water faucet. Turn on the water and the Pocket Hose then expands automatically to a full sized hose.

When done, turn off the water and start the simple and easy draining process. Within minutes of turning off the water and draining, the Pocket Hose shrinks back to its original small size, practically putting itself away. It can hang or store anywhere – whether it’s in the shed, garage, or car.

Since it never kinks, twists or tangles like an ordinary garden hose does, it’s perfect for watering the yard or garden, washing the car, terrace, patios, porch, driveway and more. And because it’s so small, it’s great for those who live in small apartments and it’s also great for boats, trailers, mobile homes, RVs, and anywhere else where storage space is limited.

The secret is Pocket Hose's tough, durable construction and expandable accordion design that helps it grow long and strong for any tough job. Like an accordion, it condenses itself when there’s no water running through it. But when the water is turned on, it suddenly springs to action and becomes a full size garden hose.

Whether it’s for washing windows, cleaning out gutters, or spraying off the house siding, the hose makes spring cleaning a snap. With it's flexible nature, it will never kink, twist, or tangle. And since it’s so durable, Pocket Hose can replace a traditional hose for any job, without the hassle of untangling kinks.

Pocket Hose comes in 25, 50, 75, 100 feet sizes and can be connected with other Pocket Hoses. Attach one to the faucet, and then attach the second hose to the first.

Bottom line… Pocket Hose makes it easy to replace that pain-in-the-butt garden hose that kinks and tangles. Pocket Hose is small enough to fit into a pocket when collapsed, yet long and strong enough for any job. It’s perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a strong, durable garden hose without all the hassle they can cause.

For more information on the Pocket Hose and the fastest and easiest way to get it, please visit the official web site through the following link:

Pocket Hose Official Website

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