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PocketCloudWifi Enabled Flash Drive Takes the Bafflement out of File Transfer

PocketCloudneed your help to fund their Wi-Fi enabled flash drive project


Southampton, Hampshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- Today’s technology users are familiar with the need to transfer files between two devices. They are also familiar with how baffling and ultimately time consuming it can be to solve a puzzle that should be simple to do. Two young and creative entrepreneurs are on a mission to change that and have just established a crowdfunding request for their high-tech creation. PocketCloud is a Wi-Fi enabled flash drive that can connect to and transfer your files between all of your devices whether they are on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

File transfer between your devices just got easy with this new gadget that entrepreneurs Grant Cox and Katherine Neiland want to refine and bring to the market. With a speed of 54Mbps (6.75 MB per second) there won’t be the same struggle to move a file from say your smartphone to your iPad. It is chargeable either through the USB connection or by using the charging dock that is shipped with the product.

Encased in a strong protective cover that is carefully machined from aircraft-grade aluminium, PocketCloud is close to being widely available in 3 capacities and colours. A 16GB silver, 32GB green and 64GB black flash drive collection that are all just 43x25x10mm which make it just slightly larger than any standard sized flash drive.

Does the PocketCloud solve any of the dilemmas of the regular flash drive user, such as safety and security? This useful data tool solutionhas been developed with a self-activating alarm so that you don’t leave it behind in error – it will beep as the distance between it and your phone increases. There is also security built into the system with a token encryption option on the larger model.

Although a working prototype has already been created, larger scale production is something that needs to be funded with an addition £12,500 to get off the ground. The Kickstarter project is requesting for funds to help with:

- Completion and refining of the software to connect Android and iOS
- Creation of initial prototypes for funders to receive and test
- Upon successful results, mass production of aluminium moulds to make the flash drive housing
- Development of packaging, accessories and manuals

Completion of these tasks is forecast to take between 12 and 16 weeks with no major issues or obstacles anticipated.

Kickstarter funders who refer 5 friends to back the project, will receive 1 PocketCloud as a gift of appreciation. It will also help each of us to send our latest selfie to Grandma when she doesn’t use text.