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"Podcamp" Team Sets out to Write, Perform, Record and Release Original Podcast over Three-Day Weekend

Launching in June, 2018, the project is now seeking individuals for its Narrative and Production teams.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2018 -- Podcamp, a joint project from artists Chris O'Keeffe (Salem, MA) and Patrick Yurick (San Diego, CA), launches this coming June with the mission to compress a podcast production timeline into a single long weekend. The event will take place at a rented facility in San Diego, CA, and the assembled team will write, perform, record and publish two half-hour episodes of an original, fictional, radio-drama style podcast.


"One of the perils of creative work is that it so often gets stuck in production limbo. It doesn't matter how good the idea is. If you don't have the support you need it might never see the light of day. When Patrick and I were planning our next creative venture, we said, 'what's something that we can do in a limited time with finite resources, and, for better or worse, walk away knowing that the thing is over the finish line".

The answer was Podcamp. "Let's get a team of crazy creatives, lock ourselves in a house and not leave until the mission is accomplished — or Monday morning. That's when they kick us out."

The project offers contributors the opportunity to create with the reassurance that their contributions will be a part of published creative project, a mere 72 hours after the project kicks off.


Participants will be split into two teams: Narrative, led by O'Keeffe, and Production, led by Yurick. Both team leaders have extensive experience in their respective "departments", and are painstakingly hammering out a methodology and workflow for the experience. But they know that there will be plenty of hat switching and improvisation along the way. "A good project is a series of great moments shared between energetic people who have a common goal. Planning is crucial, but you also need to let go of your preconceived notions and follow the energy of the moment."

Interested parties can apply now through the end of April, and they are looking for talents across fields. "We need writers, actors, designers, engineers, and also just really excited people. We want proven folks, but we also want this to be an project where talented, hungry people who maybe haven't had the opportunity can show up, contribute, and walk away as credited podcast cast members," says O'Keeffe. All positions are volunteer, but the duo are working on raising funds to reimburse for travel.