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Podiatrist Imparts How to Deal with Foot and Ankle Pain


Emerson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2014 -- For those that do not know who a podiatrist is. A podiatrist is a medical practitioner or doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM). They may also be referred to as podiatric surgeons or podiatric physicians. Podiatrists diagnose and handle the treatment of the foot, ankle, toes and other related parts of the leg.

Podiatrists are referred as the most qualified medical practitioners to handle your leg related problems. Podiatrists complete 4 year training and schooling in a podiatric medical school and then go for 3 years of hospital residence training. This training can be likened to that of medical doctors.

There are a lot of podiatrists in Bergen County New Jersey and the Podiatrist Bergen County NJ specialize in many fields which include surgery, wound care, diabetic care, pediatrics (children) and sports care or sports medicine.

In the event you are trying to deal with the anguish and disturbance of foot or ankle pain on a daily basis, you need to schedule a good time for consulting a trusted Podiatrist Bergen County NJ. If left uncared for, chronic foot and ankle pain is simply going to get worse till it requires intervention that will be more costly compared to what would have been required if the treatment was not delayed.

Podiatrist Bergen County NJ diagnose and handle treatment of both common and rare occurring skin and nail diseases of the feet. Podiatrist Bergen County NJ play an important role in aiding the movement of many old and disabled persons. This is met through the ongoing medical check of health status of the foot, especially those with problems of circulation and diabetes. Podiatrist Bergen County NJ are recognized as necessary members of the health care team in managing or preventing lower limb complications for persons suffering from diabetes.

A primary part of foot care performed by podiatrists is the treatment of many acute and chronic nail diseases, the treatment of which depends on the disease. Podiatrists have have instruments for painless and effective medical care of these foot pathological conditions. For instance, the surgical repair of chronically ingrown nails of the toe under local anaesthesia is a primary podiatric process.

Podiatrists are qualified enough to do both nail and cutaneous surgery, however, some have gone through further study to perform additional foot surgery.

Common podiatric procedures include treatment and prevention of calluses, corns and warts. Podiatrists can be found in a lot of areas. For example, private practice, sports medicine clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and community health centers. Podiatrist Bergen County NJ also work as part of the health care team and often consult with other health care practitioners when managing foot or foot related problems.

About New Jersey Foot and Ankle Center
New Jersey Foot and Ankle Center is led by Ralph C. Napoli, D.P.M., a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and board certified in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. He has been practicing podiatry for 20 years in Elmwood Park, NJ, and Westwood, NJ, in Bergen County. Dr. Napoli is supported by a professional staff that features certified licensed x-ray technicians and a trained insurance administrator.

Our services include foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, and treatment related to trauma to the foot and ankle. We also provide routine podiatric care for ingrown and fungal nails and warts as well as diabetic foot care, orthotics, and conservative and surgical treatments of all foot and ankle disorders.

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New Jersey Foot and Ankle Clinic
Location 1: 67 Broadway Elmwood Park NJ
Location 2: 440 Old Hook Rd, Emerson, NJ