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Poems of Hope: Antionette Campbell Inspires Others to Never Give up Their Dreams

Having risen from a tragic childhood to become a noted motivational speaker and author, Antionette Campbell shares her wisdom and inspiration in her new book of poetry.


Washington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Having inspired thousands to never give up, lose hope or pursue their dreams, Antionette Campbell is delighted to announce her new book of poetry, ‘From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkess into Poems of Hope’.

The book offers a rich and enlightening glimpse of the author’s life, along with lessons and passages that will inspire the soul to push for its best. Its content comes as a result of a broken childhood and a tale of eventual triumph.

Raised in Chicago, Campbell’s life was torn to pieces as she witnessed her drunken Father stab her Mother at the age of eleven. Entering a sudden life of foster, Campbell became a victim of sexual abuse, unhealthy relationships drug addiction and even a near-death car accident.

However, following residency on a psychiatric unit, Campbell finally found the solace and release she had been searching for.

“Shortly after being released from the Psychiatric Unit, I started writing poetry and songs. Writing released me from my pain, which in turn, allowed me to embrace my healing. Before long, my destiny unfolded and God was compelling me to share my writings of poetry to the world,” she explains.

Following her Ministerial License and move to Pennsylvania, Campbell continues to develop her ministry and share her poetry with the world.

“'I’m compelled to reach as many as possible to those that will hear my story. Everyone has a purpose, but most will never accomplish life to that extent of fulfillment. Unless, we share our story to give hope to a world that so desperately needs mentors that are "Power Shifters" to expose the darkness for what it is and bring light for the souls of man to see there is hope on the horizon,” she adds.

In short, Poems of Hope is a story about a woman who didn’t give in or give up on her dreams.

For more information, please visit: http://www.antionettecampbell.com

The book can be purchased in eBook format from: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Google Books, as well as the Christian Family Stores.

About Antionette Campbell
Antionette Campbell received her Ministerial License and graduated in June 2006 from Without Walls International Church in Tampa, Florida.

She lives in Pennsylvania and continues to work within her developing ministry. Mrs. Campbell is a consultant to Dr. Byron Phillips of the Psychology Department at Pheonix Campus in the city of Pittsburgh.

She is a member of RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network) and is available for speaking engagements.