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Poems of Substance: Powerful New Book Entertains Spiritual & Humanitarian Sides of the "Human Spirit", Through Rhyme

Masterfully crafted by Gerald Middlebrooks, ‘Poems of Substance’ takes a holistic and in-depth look at all sides of the Human Spirit. By fusing rhyming sequence with everyday life, Middlebrooks transcends mankind, society and Government to cut to the core of who readers really are.


College Park, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- While rhyming sequence is no stranger to the world of poetry, it is usually used to emphasize whim and wit. While Gerald Middebrooks’ new book does touch on satire, ‘Poems of Substance’ instead deploys rhyming sequence to provide a deep exploration of the Human Spirit from an all-encompassing spiritual and humanitarian perspective.


“Poems of Substance” depicts some of the educational background I have had regarding study, retaining information, and rhythmical verses that began my poetic interest in the third grade as a result of reading and reciting a poem by Dr. Seuss entitled ‘Marco Comes Late’.

Although some satire is included, rhyming verse appealed to me as a means of relating to the essence of poetic composition as it relates to events past, present and futuristic. It is my hope this book of poems will be enjoyed by everyone who reads them and can relate in some way of their relation to human existence.

“It is important to enhance the thinking process when it comes to rhyming sequence,” explains Middlebrooks. “Especially as it relates to everyday life, situations, circumstances, human existence as it relates to the responsibilities of mankind and government that governs and enhance our socialization freely and without bias or opinionated policies.”

Continuing, “Everything has both a spiritual and humanitarian side, but we often turn a blind eye to one of them and only see it from the side we believe carries the greatest authority. My poetry urges people to take a holistic approach to life and how they view the world around them. Not only will they learn more, but learn to appreciate things to a greater degree.”

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Poems of Substance’, published by Xlibris, is available now: http://amzn.to/1lqiL7W.

About the author, in his own words
The 12th of 13 children I was raised on a farm, my beginnings are humble. My values stems from hard work, accepting responsibility and getting an education. But most of all following the "Golden Rule”; instilling that moral fortitude necessary for life and goodwill toward mankind.