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Police Tweet Images from Inside Unsafe and Insecure Homes: Cricklewood Electronics Comment


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Recent reports have highlighted a number of cases of poorly-secured properties up and down the UK, as well as a crucial need to address the issue. This comes in light of police forces, with a particular focus on the Coventry city police team, especially, sharing images on social media to show examples of safe and insecure properties. The images include open and unlocked windows, faulty security systems and doors which have not been properly secured. It is also feared that a number of people could be putting valuables at risk through inadequately secured home and business premises. Keen to comment on this issue have been a number of industry professionals, including Cricklewood Electronics.

The rising focus upon keeping premises secure is an important part of going into the New Year. Part of this is because as technology advances, thieves and burglary can also develop in new forms. Thus essential steps recommended include not only the proper locking of door and windows, but also more developed methods such as CCTV. Cricklewood Electronics, an expert in the area, had this to say:

"The recent social media focus upon poor building security especially speaks of a need for people to take constructive action. Taking essential measures is key; such as locking all possible openings. Another way, set to play a big role in 2016, is through cameras and surveillance systems; hence why we offer a wide and up-to-date range at Cricklewood Electronics. Hence rather than be caught on camera as a insecure property, you can have cameras of our own, acting as deterrent and proving security."

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