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Policy Makers & Managers Must See Social Media as a Vital Part of Company Strategy - Not Just as an Add-On, Says Strategist

Steve Nicholls believes that social media can comfortably integrate into any company’s strategy. However, for this to be effective ‘it cannot just be seen as a tactical add on’ he says.


London, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- With social media still seen as a powerhouse of business-to-consumer marketing, one business consultant believes that some companies still don’t take it seriously enough.

British-based Steve Nicholls is urging business leaders to grasp the opportunities that exist to use social media as a common language throughout every department of their organizations – rather than simply viewing it as an add-on for the Marketing and I.T departments for use in client relations.

“Social Media really is creating a series of golden opportunities for businesses. These range from internal communications right through to the management of staff collaboration. However, for this to happen it is vital for Policy Makers & Senior Managers to start seeing social media as a powerful and vital integration into company strategy” he says.

Active social media users need only visit the website of any big brand to see how they’re often using social media for external communication with customers. However, Steve confidently believes that this is only one potential use – and that business-to-business benefits come in abundance:

“Many organizations simply use it as an add-on to their current marketing portfolio, often to retain visibility and push marketing messages to the consumer. However, social media also has the potential to drastically increase communication internally” he adds.

In fact, Steve is so convinced of the diversity of Social Media that he has written a new book on the subject. Social Media in Business provides managers with a clear guide to the use of social media tools in the business environment. It also sets out a practical framework for the implementation of social media into any business based on Steve’s many years of implementing organisational change.

“The framework outlined in the book can be adapted to any organization, large or small” says Steve.

He continues “It uses my diverse and adaptable 3-CORE Project Success System. We first assesses the business environment & its receptiveness to social media or any other business change project and then use a tried and tested process to achieve a successful implementation. I’m convinced 3-CORE can be used by any manager who wants to exploit current technologies to increase their firms’ competitive edge. And in many cases my approach enables them to achieve this irrespective of the obstacles that stand in their way”.

The book is available from all good retailers including, and Barnes & Noble.

Audio and Kindle versions, as well as a free chapter download can be found at the book’s official website:

About The Author
Steve is a hands-on consultant guiding strategy implementation in both large and small organizations within Europe, North America, and Asia.

Steve started out as a project manager in skyscraper construction. After his MBA at Henley Business School in 1992 he applied his project management expertise to grow businesses and new ventures in the communications and technology industries. Over the years steve has added millions dollars of value to his clients bottom line.

Steve has taught hundreds of people the secrets of effective project management and has implemented advanced Internet applications since the early 1990s with organizations such as: British Telecom, Ciena Corp., Deltathree , Inmarsat, John Laing and the NSPCC (UK childrens charity).

Today he continues to provide social media consultancy and project management training. Steve also holds a BSc (Hons) in Building Contruction from Reading University and an MSc in Organisational Development and NLP (2008) from the University of Portsmouth Business School.