Political Pictionary - New Book Offers a 'Seasoned' View of Left-Right Politics

The authors of Political Pictionary both praise and skewer leading figures in politics and the news media.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Two first-time writers have pooled their talents to publish a lighthearted look at American politics and its environment Titled "Political Pictionary", the book is available in paperback and Kindle versions on the Amazon website

The authors, are lifelong democrats from the Chicago area and unabashed partisan enthusiasts, also happen to be baby boomers who enjoy poking fun at selected political and prime-time media personalities.

Which they certainly do in the book's no-holds-barred commentary.

"There's no reason not to see the humor in politics. As"seasoned' citizens we've witnessed a lifetime of good and bad politicians, and we couldn't let a particularly ridiculous campaign season go by without weighing in," says co-author Tobi Solomon.

Denise Kugler, the other half of the writing team, provocatively notes that the book is dedicated " to fallen American heroes who lost their lives because old white men wanted to go to war."

Their audience is meant to be those, young and old, who share their left-leaning political persuasions including a marked distaste for right-wing views. A showcase of well-known political and media figures is presented by the authors along with candid assessments of how each individual helps or hinders the progressive agenda.

"All kidding aside, our nation's democracy is in jeopardy of being 'privatized' if the right wing has its way,"Solomon adds. "We want to change that."

About Denise Kugler & Tobi Solomon
We are life-long Democrats from Chicago, who are political enthusiasts. As "baby boomers" we have empathy for inequality, the underdog, and the underrepresented.