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Political Satire Website “Friday Mash” Prepping for Coming Elections


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2011 -- Politics has always been the perfect source of comedy. Politicians, who are almost comical in and of themselves, seem to invite satire for their sagacious personalities and inevitable public slip-ups. This dynamic is magnified in the United States where the US political system is crippled to the point of near-dissolution, and the people rely on satire just to stomach the corruption and endless failures of their elected officials. Now more than ever Americans need to “laugh it off,” and the website fridaymash.com was created just for that purpose.

Friday Mash specializes in bringing a fresh political perspective to the public with unique content such as Obama jokes, Sarah Plain music videos, Joe Biden cartoon strips, and a wide variety of comedic material designed to dissolve frustration with laughter. “The role of satire is to reveal the humor in our daily lives and prevent them from becoming too serious,” says the website.

Friday Mash gives viewers a host of different themes to satisfy their appetite for political comedy. Political stars all appear in regular Friday Mash features like Bo and Big O (an Obama cartoon and blog which takes Obama’s dog’s perspective on the Presidential position), Palinpower, Fly on the Wall, Election Sanity, Bush & Barney, USA Yesterday, the P.E.Doff Interviews, Mashinations, as well as their wide range of hilarious political cartoons.

With the coming elections, material for the website’s writers is in no short supply. Presidential hopefuls such as Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann have comedians chomping at the bit, coming up with hilarious satire that supplements the wide variety of jokes about Obama. “There is a growing conviction among political commentators that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin is one and the same person,” jokes the website. “Both are gaffe-prone, religious right members of the Tea Party and have approximately the same number of kids…”

Friday Mash’s central philosophy is to ease political tension rather than add to it. It meditates on America’s political dysfunctions with humor, avoiding blame, and laughing at the fingers that all seem to point at someone else. After all, as bad as things get there is always laughter; and Friday Mash will be there to make American politics that much easier to accept. To learn more about Friday mash, or to peruse their huge database of political satire, sketches, and Obama Cartoons, please visit: http://www.fridaymash.com/us

About Friday Mash:
Friday Mash is a website dedicated to creating and publishing political satire that is uplifting and enriching. They take on a purely unique perspective on politics and satire and stick to it. They have recently been selected for inclusion in the Australian National Archive and are hoping that one day the US Government will invite them for inclusion in the Library of Congress Online Catalog.