Ori Rotem

Political Thriller Takes Aim at Rogue Mossad Agents

A father races against time to save his daughter's life in this political thriller by Ori Rotem


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- A writer with a 45 year background in the Israeli defense industry, Ori Rotem's first novel, "Mossad X", examines the politics and intrigues going on inside one of the world's most famous and renown secret agencies. The novel is now available as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.com. This is a political thriller in which the enemy of Mossad is elements within the agency itself. Events leading up to a father's desperate effort to save the life of his daughter make up the crux of a mystery which weaves its way deep into Israeli intelligence.

Eli Regev is the father whose daughter, Nili, is left struggling for her life. Suspect of some elements of the official information which he is given about what happened to his daughter, he begins to dig for the truth which leads to the discovery of secrets kept from him by not only his daughter, but his wife as well.

While most political thrillers have a country on one side being attacked or under the threat of attack by a country, or an organization, on the other side, the unique aspect of the story in this political thriller is that whole plot twists back up on itself to uncover a sinister reaction to a tragic but almost comic series of errors on the part of Mossad.

"Mossad X" boils down to the stories of two men, a father who wants to know the truth and help save his daughter's life, and a Mossad agent bent on doing anything to save his career.

"Mossad X" is available at Amazon by going to http://www.amazon.com/MossadX-ebook/dp/B00DFKJHBA

The political thriller novel also has a website with a book trailer. The website is located at http://www.mossadx.com/

About Ori Rotem
Ori Rotem is a native-born Israeli who has had a distinguished, forty-five year, career in the Israeli defense indsutry. This is his first novel.