PoliticalMeetings.com Connects Active Voters to Candidates and Incumbents with Each Other Across the US


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2020 -- PoliticalMeetings.com, the first-ever mobile application, allows active voters to connect with candidates and incumbents across the US. The app allows all political parties, political entities, and organizations with political interests to create, organize, and find political events around the US. It acts as a centralized resource where local, state, and federal meetings like conventions, Public dinners, Debates, Precinct Meetings, and more can be posted in just a few clicks. It aims to bring various political groups, affiliations, and people across the US together and make it easier for them to work towards their goals. It helps political parties to connect with like-minded voters with social clutter and advertising expense.

It also lets users register by a party or as an independent that improves political discourse for public policy on federal, state, and local levels. That means candidates and incumbents can recruit supporters they have never even met from completely new pools of active voters who gravitate to their free messaging online.

The mobile app also allows voters to find candidates and incumbents who represent their interests and can get involved in the political process in a meaningful and frictionless way that fits their schedule. Politicians can even sponsor voters into the app in unlimited numbers at no additional cost. In addition to this, the app is a one-stop-shop not just for messaging and events, but for powerful resources, you will not find anywhere else, such as videos, studies, political news, campaign analyses, and up-to-the-moment election results.

Talking about their mobile app, a representative from the company stated, "This app fills a profoundly felt need. Without it, candidates, incumbents, and activists were left trying to use Facebook, email, and text messaging — often all three — as a political communications solution, leaving constituents to search through dozens or more messages across multiple channels just to find out who-where-when-why for any upcoming event."

Political Meetings is a leading platform that helps users and political parties to connect with each other. It provides nationwide political meetings information from your local, grass-roots, smaller get-togethers, to the larger convention-style functions. Unlike the other social media platform, it facilitates sensible discussion in political fraternity across the US. From candidate meet & greets to party conventions, all these are searchable here.

About PoliticalMeetings.com
PoliticalMeetings.com is the first ever-mobile platform developed exclusively for or the political community around the US. The Political Meeting mobile app allows parties and entities to access a monthly subscription to its SAAS Platform and applications in benefiting from the one reliable-centralized resource where local, state and federal meetings can be posted in the same place. It benefits political candidates, county and state political organizations, and organizations with a political agenda. From candidate meet & greets to party conventions, all these are searchable in Political Meeting mobile. With its membership and voters able to download our mobile app for android and iPhone free.

For more information, please visit: https://politicalmeetings.com/

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