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Polyarylsulfone Market Is Projected to Expand Significantly Growth by 2025


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2018 -- Polyarylsulfone is a thermally steady shapeless thermoplastic containing phenyl and biphenyl bunches connected by ether and sulfone groups. Polyarylsulphones are a group of thermoplastic, amorphous, and polar polymers. They have high stability and strength even at high temperatures.

Polyarylsulfones are resistant to high temperature and are dimensionally steady, they have excellent strength and are also resistant to solvent. These properties coupled with their light weight and high temperature protection render polyarylsulfones preferable over other metals and compounds. The market for high temperature thermoplastics is fragmented; however, the ongoing innovations are expected to create growth opportunities for the polyarylsulfone market during the forecast period.

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The polrarylsulfone market is driven by the versatility of application of polyarylsulfone as compared to other engineering plastics. The polyarylsulfone market is primarily driven by demand from the medical device, automotive, and electrical & electronics industries. Continuous product advancements have boosted the usage of polyarylsulfone in special applications for different segments such as defense, aviation, fitting, etc. However, despite steady growth in the past, uncertainty exists in the global polyarylsulfone market due to the weak economic growth trends in the major countries across the globe, which is a restraint for the polrarylsulfone market.

Applications of polyarylsulfone include medical devices, automotive, electrical & electronics, aerospace, etc. Polyarylsulfone is a popular choice for headlights and interior reflectors, fuse encapsulation, aircraft parts, pump impellors, and other applications where dimensional stability at high temperatures is extremely important. Polyarylsulfone also has specialized applications in metrology, fuel cells, and production of high performance membrane.

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The global polyarylsulfone market can be segmented on the basis of products such as polysulfone (PSU), polyethersulfone (PESU), and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). They are relatively similar with respect to their application industries; however, they are chemically different from each other. Polysulfone is mostly used in applications which requires continuous high temperatures together with the usual requirements of high mechanical stability and stiffness. Polysulfone is a light amber amorphous structure,

it enables transmission of light and has high dimensional stability and good hydrolysis resistance. Like polysulfone, polyethersulfone is an amorphous transparent plastic with a light yellowish color. Its properties are similar to those of polysulfone, although polyethersulfone exhibits a higher impact strength and better chemical resistance.