Biofluid Focus

Polycarbonate PharmaTainer Bottles from BioFluid Focus Provide Secure Storage of Biological Drug Substances at -80 Degrees Celsius

Bottles Demonstrated Can Hold Seal from Ambient to -80 Celsius


Largo, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- Winter is upon us, and with it comes the trials of flu season, which leave many Americans bedridden and unable to enjoy the holiday season. The necessity for effective drugs is apparent during these times, and one company in particular is showing their high value by providing drug companies with a viable method for vaccine storage. The PharmaTainerâ„¢ bottles from BioFluid Focus are the cream of the crop when it comes to cold storage, boasting the ability to maintain a closure seal from filling at room temperature to freezing at -80 degrees Celsius. Ultimately these special bottles are able to do their job effectively while similar containers fail to hold their seal during a freeze-thaw cycle.

"In addition to seal integrity these PharmaTainer bottles are extremely break-resistant, having passed a drop test procedure at both ambient and -80 degree Celsius," noted Jon West, President and Founder of the Florida-based company. He continued, saying "We are proud to offer these fantastic bottles to our loyal customers and to new customers alike. Drug substance stored in PharmaTainer bottles is typically very expensive; a full container may contain material valued in tens or even hundreds of thousand dollars, so loss due to seal failure or breakage is unacceptable.

For the past 5+ years, Biofluid Focus has demonstrated their unique usefulness in the biotechnology industry. Their products have been known to improve operations in measured ways, including:

- Reduced loss from container failure
- Reduced loss from contaminants such as endotoxin and particulate
- Superior traceability with batch and serial numbers
- Vacuum packs that demonstrate integrity of sterility at point of use
- Reduces audit issues associated with these products

About Biofluid Focus
Biofluid Focus began in 2012, specializing in supplying single-use products for biotechnology industries. Based in Florida, the products they offer reduce operating costs by eliminating loss due to container failure, providing extended shelf life, and eliminating or reducing the need for in-house container processing. Plus, they are known to reduce audit issues associated with storage of drug substance. The company offers a range of PharmaTrainer accessories: filling bells, ported caps, stability tubes, and tubing assemblies for filling and dispensing. Although the company is five years old, its founder Jon West has 30+ years' of industry experience supporting biotech development and manufacturing.