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Polyolefin Fiber Market Outlook 2018: Geography Trends, Company Assessment, Segmentation, Industry Analysis & Global Forecast to 2023


Pune, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2018 -- Polyolefin Fibers Market – Market Overview

The synthetic fiber which are primarily composed of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or other polyolefin are known as Polyolefin Fibers. High molecular weight polyethylene fibers (HMWP) are stronger and lighter in weight due to which they are extensively used in manufacturing protective clothing. However, PP fibers have much higher melting point and temperature stable than PE fiber due to which it is used in several insulation materials, such as ropes, automotive interiors, sport goods & equipment, wallpaper, carpeting, and webbings.

Polyolefin Fibers is segmented in different types, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or other. PP fibers dominates the market in use of textile industry and PE fibers founds the use in less volume in specific applications. These Polyolefin Fibers have strong physical properties of tensile strength and abrasion resistance which suited the best in use for industrial applications. The market is driving with an increase in demand for nonwoven fabrics in medical industry. Polyolefins found a scope of application in various industries, such as textile, medical, automobile, packaging, and others. FiberVision and ES fiber joint venture introduced a Polyolefin Fiber based hygiene product biocomponent & trilobal polypropylene fiber with the use of air bonding technology, this helped to improve the softness and opacity of the product.

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Asia-Pacific accounted to be the largest market for Polyolefin Fiber Market due to the expansion of textile industry along with the consumer demand and change in lifestyle. The availability of cheap labour and low price material in China is another major factor of the region to lead in Global Polyolefin Fiber Market. North America with an increase of demand for Polyolefin Fiber in textile industry is expected to drive the growth of Polyolefin Fiber Market during the forecast period.

Polyolefin Fibers Market – Competitive Analysis

Polyolefin Fibers Market is competitive and the major players involved in the market are adopting strategies such as joint ventures, mergers, investment, agreement to attain significant market share and gain sizeable revenue,

Industry / Innovation / Related News:

August 2017– Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I), a Belgium based polyolefin fiber producer planned an investment of USD 17.8 million to expand its production capacity which was expected to commission in November, 2017. This investment addressed the market demand for automotive, flooring, and geotextile segments.

July 2017–SILON LLC made an investment of USD 20 million to expand its production facility in Peachtree City, Georgia. The company produces polyolefin-based performance compounds and polyester fibers for construction, automotive, medical industries, and other applications.

December 2016– ES FiberVisions (ESFV) expand its production facility of bicomponent fiber in Thailand. The plant was constructed a largest fiber facility in Thailand with a capacity of 14,000 tons/year. This expansion helped to meet the global need of customers.

September 2016– Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I) had made an announcement to invest USD 35.6 million to expand its production capacity of polyolefin fibers at Merkalon plant in Terni, Italy. This investment was made to meet the trends and innovation along with equipped technology to meet the market demand.

June 2016– JNC Corporation, based in China made a joint investment with FiberVisions Corporation to add new production line for polyolefin bicomponent fibers. The investment was made of USD 22 million to produce 14,500 tons/year of thermo-bondable polyolefin bicomponent fibers. This investment expand the capacity of Suzhou plant, in China which was expected to complete by July, 2018.

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