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Polythene UK Provide New Polythene Packaging for All Business Needs with a Price Saving Guarantee


Oxfordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2012 -- Polythene wrapping and packaging is ubiquitous in modern business and commerce, providing a protective outer skin for products that must appear pristine after going through an intensive distribution system. This polythene wrapping is used in the Food and Drink industry, by Printers and Mailing Houses, in Building and Construction, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical industries. Polythene UK is a market leading business that provides all these markets with their new and exclusive product, Polylite, which promises to be stronger, lighter and cheaper than traditional polythene.

As well as traditional polythene and Polyolefin shrink wrapping commonly used in the industry, Polylite offers a reduction of up to 20% in usage by being thinner and stronger, which in turn translates to 20% savings on polythene spending. PolyAir is an environmentally friendly addition, offering similar performance values while being oxy-degradable (in air) in only 2-3 years, a massive improvement on traditional plastics that can potentially last hundreds of years.

These innovative products are available as pallet covers, printed bags comprising customisable designs, compostable bags, stillage liners, tray and box liners, standard and embossed bags and sheets and more. Depending on the industry, special additives and treatments can be made to these linings for hygiene or environmental protection. This high level of specification has been designed to maximise product efficacy across as broad a range of industries as possible, and is indicative of the company’s approach to the details.

A spokesperson for Polythene UK explained their customer commitment, “Our guarantee is one of the most comprehensive on the market. It’s a three-tier guarantee that promises not only that the product will always work to our clients’ satisfaction, but also promises to save our clients’ money, and the environment by reducing carbon footprint. This last point is one of increasing importance and financial implication to businesses, so we have made it our priority to make sure our products help businesses in this respect instead of hinder them. This level of commitment has seen us win five business awards in the last three years, which we feel is a good indicator of our place as the leading packaging experts in the UK.”

About Polythene UK
Polythene UK Ltd are an award-winning polythene supplier, providing polythene bags, covers, tubes, films, wraps and stretch film quickly and cheaply to blue chip and multinational clients. Their friendly staff are there to provide customers with help and practical support to meet all of their packaging requirements. For more information please visit: http://www.polytheneuk.co.uk/