Pool Eliminator

Pool Cleaning Breakthrough as Pool Eliminator Brings Solar Powered Cleaning to Swimming Pools

Solar Energy Breakthrough! New Invention for Swimming Pools and Spas! The Pool Eliminator saves 50% or more on electricity and allows you to use Up to 80% FEWER Chemicals, Free Renewable Energy


Compton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- Aquatic Solar Technologies, LLC has introduced Pool Eliminator, a solar powered swimming pool pump and filtering system that revolutionizes pool cleaning. We have designed and produced the most powerful solar pump brushless motor on the market today. It works off small solar cells, up to 500 (G.P.H.), and provides high efficiency pump output. The Pool Eliminator kills bacteria, algae and viruses. University of Arizona studies have shown that the use of mineral ions are 1000 times better then chlorine alone. Pool Eliminator is easy to use as no installation is needed. Swim in mineral springs, crystal clear water. Pool owners will be amazed at the clarity of the water which exceeds EPA standards for drinking water. The Pool Eliminator is a exclusive hybrid system, with new energy technologies, saving energy. Great for salt water pools. With the Pool Eliminator, Chlorine Generator cells stay cleaner, almost free of calcium and mineral deposits, resulting in less cleaning of the cell. The unit will extend the life of your chlorine cell for many more years. The Patent Pending Pool Eliminator is 100% solar powered and is the only all-in-one Ionizer and pool filter pump on the market today. There is no other product in the world that has a faster payback time, measured in months, not years, guaranteeing a return on investment. By combining solar innovative technologies with creative engineering, Aquatic Solar Technologies is able to provide high quality pool cleaning products that meet consumer demands for simplified pool and spa care.

Pool Eliminator is available now by going to http://www.pooleliminator.com. The device saves up to 50% or more on electricity, and up to 80% on chlorine costs. Of course everyone wants to save money on energy, but initial outlay for solar power products is usually costly when weighed against energy savings over time. People who are considering adopting solar power for home use should be aware that Aquatic Solar Technologies designed Pool Eliminator to be the fastest Return-On-Investment solar device on the market. Pool Eliminator will repay its cost in energy savings in a matter of months. Also works with hot tubs and spas. Pumps can stay off until you are ready to heat. Pool Eliminator will keep a spa or hot tub clean all year. The ions are not harmful to humans and will not cause skin or eye irritation as chlorine often does. Pool Eliminator's pool ionizer works to clean pool water, add a small amount of chlorine and it will not interfere with the cleaning process. Ionization is the only method that produces healthy pool water. Ionization is the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor for pool cleaning.

The solar cells replace the use of grid electricity. Pool Eliminator consists of the flotation filtering device which connects to the solar cells. The filtering device measures 20" X 13" and the solar cells come with brackets for use with deck, wall or roof mounts. New energy technologies provide consumers a choice in reducing costs, saving energy, and reducing toxic chemical exposure for cleaner energy and healthier communities.

The Pool Eliminator comes with the following:
- Solar Pump
- Filter
- Ionizer
- Solar Cells
- 25 ft Cable
- TDS Meter
- Copper Test Kit
- Owners Manual/Warranty Card

Aquatic Solar Technologies wants those interested a solar powered, filtration systems for pool cleaning to know that in addition to power savings, Pool Eliminator eliminates and reverses scale and corrosion almost entirely. By using a chemically neutral system, pool owners create a true environmentally-friendly swimming pool.

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Located in Southern California, Advanced Solar Technologies focuses solely on solar energy. They seek to find ways to making clean, low-cost, reliable solar energy available for swimming pools and spas.

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