Poort Counter Tablet May Be the First Internet Appliance

Computers, kitchens and counter areas have always been in conflict - until now. The advent of tablets enables compact and versatile options that are enduring, aesthetic, and highly entertaining.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- No matter how much a tablet costs, its tiny speakers are always awful for listening to music. As with cellphones, external audio devices have to be engaged for acceptable sound - until now.

Poort is introducing an alternative that is straightforward - mounting a 7-8" tablet (of one's choice) inside a heavy aluminum housing, along with an internal Bluetooth speaker and usb power bus. Installed above busy counter tops, the Poort deftly pumps out glorious music and video - and anything else that the Net has to offer - this is not another one-trick recipe device.

The Poort's WiFi input spawns no phone bills, and its tablet can relay clean audio out to any Bluetooth device within range - so headphones or home theatre systems remain an option. Yet with compact speakers along the open bottom of the metal casing that are plenty loud and clear - the device stands on its own audio-wise.

Surrounding an outlet to discreetly hide ugly cables and wall adapters, it draws just 10 watts - doing duty as a night light if left running - and it is always fully charged. A 5 foot power cord is included if needed, for installation anywhere.

The Poort (Dutch for gateway) thus brings strong aesthetics and addictive entertainment to any spare outlet. Connectors for recharging cellphones along the top ledge of its white enamel casing add to its utility, promising years of appliance-like functions.

Available as a kit ($159) for enclosing an existing tablet, the Poort also is available with a robust tablet supporting WiFi and Bluetooth ($349). Installation is novel, in that it utilizes industrial mounting tape for strong, rattle-free adhesion while avoiding the need to drill holes in counter top back-splashes - previously a barrier for consumer electronics.

If these unique design features and an advanced tablet can be had for the price of a bare iPad Mini, a Poort may better suit the needs of a kitchen, work counter or en-suite area. Its value as an informed and musical companion/sous-chef is unmistakable.

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