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Popular Alarm Clock Website OnlineClock.net Will Celebrate Its Sixth Birthday on March 24


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2012 -- Historically, setting an alarm clock has meant either winding up a manual clock and selecting a time for it to start ringing--all while hoping the clock would still be running by morning--or fiddling with the small buttons on an electric clock, trying to figure out how it works, and presuming that the alarm would go off at 6 a.m. and not 6 p.m.

Six years ago, a website was launched that took the often-complicated and unreliable process of setting an alarm clock, and turned it into something that is incredibly easy, convenient and worry-free. Since then, the site has revolutionized the way people around the world wake up.

OnlineClock.net, the first ever online alarm clock website, will celebrate its sixth birthday on March 24. Over the years, Online Clock has become increasingly popular. For example, in January and February of this year, the site logged an amazing three million unique visitors each month.

This month, OnlineClock.net reached yet another milestone: the site receives so much traffic that it has begun to use a content delivery network for the images on its main clock. For some time, the site has also utilized a Cloud Webhoster.

This all represents the evolution of OnlineClock.net as a highly optimized and robust online application.

One reason that OnlineClock.net attracts so many users and is the world’s most popular online clock website is due in part to its simple yet effective design.

The time of day, down to the second, is displayed in an easy-to-see classic red digital font on the website. Visitors may choose which color they would like for the background; current selections are blue, black, silver, green and orange. People may also select the size of the numbers, all the way from extra small to extra large.

Setting the alarm clock is also incredibly easy; simply click on the pulldown menus of both hours and minutes located right below the displayed time. When the alarm goes off, people will be awakened by a pleasant chirping sound, not harsh-sounding buzzers or bells.

In addition, OnlineClock.net offers more than two dozen different kinds of online clocks, timers, countdowns, stopwatches and various other free time tools. These different timers and clocks can be accessed via their sitemap page or via the navigation menu that opens when the small clock icon on the top left of their homepage is clicked on.

About OnlineClock.net
Launched March 24, 2006, OnlineClock.net is the world’s first online alarm clock website. OnlineClock.net strives to be the number one network for the simplest, most useful and best online clocks, timers and time tools. Using the free alarm clock is easy and promises users a pleasant and reliable way to wake up in the morning. For more information, please visit http://OnlineClock.net