Popular Business Digital Printing Service Provider 4OVER4.COM Introduces Special Printing Offer for Bookstores

Top online business printing company 4OVER4.COM has introduced a special discount printing offer for bookstores that will enable them have access to special discounts on bulk printing of advertising and PR materials such posters, banners, flyers and others, as well as office stationery and other printing needs.


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Leading web business printer 4OVER4.COM has launched a special corporate printing offer for bookstores which will enable them to save significantly on all their routine bulk promotional, marketing and in-house printing costs by accessing special discounts on bulk printing from 4OVER4.COM. 4OVER4.COM is a leader in online printing services and a provider of quality digital and offset online printing services including poster printing, printing nyc works, sticker printing, vinyl banners and other custom printing applications.

Because of their newfound popularity and success through social media, the Internet, e-readers and online shopping, the bookstore industry is now very competitive, with many new players wanting a share of the very profitable business space. To remain profitable, many new and existing bookstore companies are adopting aggressive marketing strategies via the Internet, social media, and other more conventional outlets like radio, TV and print. Print-based advertising remains one of the most effect and direct forms of advertising, and bookstores spend significantly each year on advertisement and PR-related printing including posters, flyers, gift items, banners, gift stationery, shopping bags, large format (e.g. billboards), and more, in an effort to attract new customers and survive the competition.

The 4OVER4.COM special discount printing offer for bookstores is designed to help them significantly lower bulk printing costs which they incur as part of their yearly printing operations. By accessing special bulk printing discounts from 4OVER4.COM, bookstores will be able to save significantly, generating useful funds that can be channeled to other sectors to boost growth.

“The Internet, e-readers, social media marketing and online shopping have all revolutionized the way the bookstore works all over the world, and bookstores have become very competitive as a result. Advertising has become the only way to stand out in the crowd, and as a result bookstores face large bulk printing costs on a routine basis - and this is why we at 4OVER4.COM have introduced our special discounts on bulk printing for bookstores," says 4OVER4.COM Principal Taso Panagiotopoulos.

For more information about the 4OVER4 corporate printing offer for bookstores or for general inquiries, please email support@4over4.com or call the 4OVER4.COM customer care line on 1-718-932-2700.

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