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Popular Comedic off Broadway Play "Stripped" Announces Planned Website Upgrades

The producers of the off Broadway comedy dance play “Stripped” have announced that they will be making a number of upgrades to the “Stripped” website to enhance user experience and provide a better plaform for the promotion and delivery of the show to the growing community of “Stripped” fans. Services will not be disrupted in any way during the upgrades.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- “Stripped” producers have announced a new website upgrade exercise, during which several aethetic and core changes will be made to the website to improve user experience and access to the show and related services. "Stripped" is unique among Off Broadway shows and it is a critically-acclaimed comedic production about the lives of the members of a dance troupe – a perfect way to have outings such as bachelorette parties, girls night out events, ladies night outs, private or group parties/events, or other fun couples’ or bachelorette party games.

The website upgrade exercise will provide a redesigned user interface, as well as certain core functionality improvements for the website. Aesthetics and interactivity of the website will be improved, and new usage features will be added, alongside support for new services. Services will not be disrupted in any way during the upgrades.

“The producers of the show are glad to announce new upgrades to our website, which will enable us improve user experience as well as provide a better platform for promoting our show and making it available to our growing community of fans,” says producer Steve Stanulis.

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For audiences in New York City, "Stripped" will be showing at Culture Club, located at 20 West 39th Street, NY 10018. Club opens at 7pm, and the show will be live from 8pm to 9pm. Tickets are on sale through Ticket Turtle. Special group discounts are available, and tickets can be bought instantly over the phone by calling (212) 235 - 7013. Please call this number for all inquiries about the show, or for group events, parties, night outs, bachelorette parties and more. Learn more at

About "Stripped The Play"
"Stripped The Play" is a unique Off Broadway play which delves into the highly entertaining world of male exotic dancing while also thrilling audiences with breath-taking theatrics. The play is a critically-acclaimed success and adds a comedic story-telling twist to exciting male dance routines for an experience audiences simply won't forget in a hurry. "Stripped" has received positive reviews from leading critics, including reviewers from the NY Times and NY Theater. "Stripped" cast member and producer Steve Stanulis, also the host of the TV/radio show "In the Life, with Steve Stanulis", adds a unique perspective to the show as a former New York City police officer. "Stripped" is a great way to enjoy highly entertaining night-outs when in and around NYC.