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Popular, Controversial and Down Right Brutally Honest Health Blogger Jimmy Smith Says Your Diet Might Be Causing Cancer


Stamford, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2013 -- Extremely intelligent,out spoken and unafraid to challenge popular theories in order to deliver noticeable results, popular health blogger Jimmy Smith believes that common diets might actually cause cancer.

The reason very well might have to do with the inflammation that popular diets cause. A recent study from the Ohio State University Medical Center showed that inflammation in the body may set out of a cycle that leads to a higher rate of spontaneous gene mutations.

Jimmy reveals strategies to lower inflammation, improve health and lose fat in his book, The Physique Formula. The Physique Formula represents a quantum leap in how people can lose fat, feel better, look better and live healthier and possibly longer. "People have to stop thinking that carbohydrates are evil and that calorie counting matters, because they don't" says Jimmy.

Jimmy is a unique blend of personality,charisma and scientific knowledge which is uncommon in today's business world. "I want people to stop thinking of nutrition as something hard to follow through and starting thinking of it as a lifestyle change".  “There are natural testosterone boosters, there are ways to get rid of man boobs, there’s ways to increase testosterone and any goal that you want, which  is through nutrition” says Jimmy.

About Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS is a author and blogger and nutrition consultant to numerous high level professional athletes. He has been featured in Men's Fitness and Men's Health magazines as well as on ESPN radio and You can find his Physique Formula book at

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