Popular Fantasy Author Margarita Felices, Releases Her Latest Fantasy Novel and Prequel JUDGEMENT of SOULS 2

Popular Fantasy Author Margarita Felices, Releases Her Latest Fantasy Novel and prequel JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 2


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- We are pleased to announce the release of popular author Margarita Felices latest novel, JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 2, that is part of a vampire trilogy. The book is now available as a Kindle download from Amazon at just £1.81 ($3.10).

The fantasy author from Cardiff, United Kingdom has already been compared to Harry Potter author J.K Rowling with her unique style and the ability to entice the reader. Margarita Felices has received rave reviews for her previous books, which include The Psychic, and now due to her popularity and writing style, US Producers have approached her.

The Producers have approached the author with regards to the forthcoming movie and a possible 10 episode TV series. With her writing style and Hollywood calling, she could become the next biggest selling author from Wales.

Each book that Margarita writes is totally different from the last, showing how original her writing and storytelling is. With her latest offering, JUDGEMENT OF SOULS 2, it takes the reader back 300 years. For readers who like vampires this is a book to read.

Her first novel, Judgement Of Souls 3 is a Gothic horror that should not be read while alone in an empty house. The main character, Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his groups of friends, and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered, the search goes on for the killer. The book is filled with mystery, love and romance, making Judgement of Souls a must read.

For anyone who has not read her short story, The Psychic, they should read it now. The Psychic is available from Amazon for just 0.77 pence ($1.32). It received positive reviews from readers and book reviewers alike, making it one of the most popular books on Amazon.

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Book Title: Call of the Righteous – (Judgement of Souls Trilogy)

Author:Margarita Felices
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 3.17.2014
Length: 198 Pages
Heat Rating: Simmer