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Popular GoPro Accessory Start Facebook Campaign to Offer Deals to Customers


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- GOMA Solid is ready to take over Facebook and make every GoPro and Hero camera user a GOMA Solid fanatic.  The GOMA Solid is a 3-axis 180-degree arm system that attaches to windshields, hoods, sunroofs, and any other solid surface easily and allows the photographer or cinematographer to capture the perfect shot. GOMA Industries has recently joined Facebook and is  releasing special Facebook campaigns that offer discounts on the GOMA Solid through Amazon.

GOMA Industries is encouraging users to share their captivating videos and still shots on GOMA Industries Facebook page. Groups like the GoPro Bomb Squad, who are professional athletes that use the GoPro to capture their incredible jumps, have already shown on Facebook that they are a fan of the GOMA Solid. Individuals who do not even own a hero camera are becoming fans of  GOMA Industries Facebook page if nothing more that just to watch the incredible videos and shots being uploaded.

The Goma Solid is only offered through and is priced at $19.99, on sale for $14.99 this month. In some cases, you can also get free shipping.  Users can not stop raving about the superior quality and design of the GOMA Solid. One buyer on Amazon is quoted as saying

"This is easily the best GoPro mount I have purchased. No matter what surface I stick it to, it holds, no matter how fast I am going. "

The designers at GOMA Industries have carefully designed and tested the GOMA Solid under the harshest conditions to ensure that the GOMA Solid will perform at all times.  The GOMA Solid also features a convenient quick-release base so that the camera can be removed within seconds.

Being fully compatible with all GoPro editions ensures that down the line any user will be able to transition this product to their brand new GoPro camera.  However, GOMA Solid isn't just restricted to GoPro cameras it can be utilized to other hero cameras as well.

About Goma Industries
Goma Industries is a popular camera accessories brand established by proud members and experts from the International Cinematographers Guild. The products they design for the filmmaking industry are tested to meet all the film industry standards, but can be used by non- professionals as well. The company ensures top quality of their products and guarantees full customer satisfaction with 30-day no-question guarantee.

To purchase a GOMA Solid or to see GOMA Industries Facebook page visit:

GOMA Industries
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