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Popular Online Golf Magazine Revamps Website, Adds Golf Swing Tips and Videos


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing various golf swing tips, golf swing techniques and reviews on golf equipment, accessories and golf training programs, has recently re-launched its website. The online golf magazine informed that with increasing number of visitors to their website they decided to go for a fresh look and organize the website such that it can be easily navigated. Golfing tips are frequently updated on the website however after the re-launch extensive additional golf swing tips have now been published and videos on improving one’s golf game have also been posted.

The media spokesperson of World Golf Emporium quoted on the re-launch of the website, “Our online golf magazine is now getting increasing number of readers who have complimented the golf tips we provide and have stated that golfing has now become even more fun after their improved game. The golf swing tips and techniques we publish are made as simple as possible such that any golfer from a beginner to professional can easily understand them and apply them to their game. The re-launch has enabled us to improve the look of the golf magazine and categorize the articles, tips, techniques, videos and reviews accordingly. This time around we are aiming at covering all aspects of golfing and becoming one of the premier destinations for golfing tips.”

The simplicity of the tips is one of the reasons why has gained immense popularity amongst golfing enthusiasts. The golf swing tips are written in a much more personal manner and are explained in detail which has been appreciated by many beginners of the game.

The online golf magazine stated that golfing is a unique game since even slightest of variation in the swing can make a huge difference in the outcome. The magazine added that they focus on every minor detail of the swing when providing their tips and more often than not its readers see a major difference in their game when making those slight changes in their golf swing. Unique articles on golf psychology, ball positioning, making golfing more enjoyable etc are also published by the website to help its readers create a complete golf game.

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