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Popular Price Action Website Finally Releases Details About Secret Strategy


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2014 -- has recently received a ‘fresh coat of paint’ and is looking like a million dollars. Graham Blackmore along with his associate, Steve Fleming, has completely redesigned the popular Price Action Trading website. The new design makes it easier than ever before for students of price action to find the essential information that they need.

Graham Blackmore launched in early 2011 to act as a focal point for his Amazon Best Selling book, ‘The Price Action Protocol’. Over the years it has developed and expanded to what it has now become; an oracle of all things price action related. Graham also started ‘The War Room’ to help struggling Forex traders finally find profitability in the markets.

With the website and ‘The War Room’, Blackmore is seeking to help as many frustrated Forex traders realize their goals and finally make a success of trading; something that many novice traders in the market find virtually impossible.

“I’ve been trading for many years and know exactly what it’s like to be struggling and frustrated. Everybody starts out the same way and I’m no exception. When I first discovered the Forex market I was just like everybody else. I tried various strategies that I’d seen on popular forums such as Forex Factory and believed all the hype.

That was until I found Price Action Trading and from then on, everything changed completely”, says Mr. Blackmore.

“When I started trading using purely price action and threw away all the nonsense indicators that the other so-called ‘gurus’ where promoting, I was finally able to make money from Forex. I did so well in fact, that I was able to sustain myself financially for 3 years, just from the proceeds of my Forex trading.

That’s something that many traders will never achieve and it’s a shame. It’s not their fault and it’s certainly not due to any lack of skill or ability. The sad truth is that their failure is as a direct result of buying into all the rubbish that is spread around the web. Most of this garbage either comes from those with little or no knowledge of how to trade, or those looking to peddle their latest ‘holy grail’.”

When asked why he began working with Mr. Blackmore, Steve Fleming told us this;

“I came across Graham’s site quite by accident but it didn’t take me too long at all to realize that Graham was not only a great trader but an honest and genuine person. I’ve been involved with Forex since 2007 and I’ve seen plenty of scammers and un-scrupulous characters that were only too eager to prey on the hopes and dreams of the vulnerable novice trader. was a breath of fresh air in the rancid, decaying cesspool that most Forex sites tend to frequent.

I’ve worked with Graham now for a few months helping to make his site even better than it was before and to expose it’s many benefits to as wide an audience as possible.

I firmly believe that is by far and away the best site offering Price Action Trading coaching and free tutorials, available on the Internet.”

The newly designed and revamped site makes it easier than ever before for novice traders to find the help and information that they desperately need. It will definitely help many, many people to achieve success and literally change their lives forever.

About Graham Blackmore
Graham Blackmore has been a Forex trader for over 7 years and has been very successful for most of that time. He has also written a number of books on the subject including the Amazon Bestseller; “The Price Action Protocol”.

Through his writings, both online and in print, Graham has helped 1000’s of struggling traders achieve their goal of finally becoming profitable in the Forex market. The numbers are staggering and have only 5% actually making a profit with the remaining 95% failing miserably.

Graham has had a significant impact in helping many of the 95% transition into the 5%.

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