Popular Radio Station Offers 100% Guarantee and Slashes Ad Prices to Entice Internet Businesses

Indie100 Radio Station has issued a guarantee to all new advertisers, after recently crashing several advertiser’s websites with massive listener traffic, “If you don’t get a noticeable rise in activity or sales we will re-work the ad plan and you don’t have to pay for the next quarter”.


Burbank, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Indie100 is offering broadcast radio advertising, click able ad links and even precious spots on the online player with a click thru feature for a fraction of the cost in order to gain the relationship with small and online businesses.

Click on the Indie100 stream radio player, you see ads from large fortune 500 companies that have already identified the effectiveness of online radio advertising. Indie100 is now extending their hand to small or online businesses that are looking to make 2013 a banner year for sales and new customer kinship.

Indie100’s Radio coordinator, Gerald Dailey, asked “Can your website withstand 1,000 to 5,000 visitors in minutes?”

Mr. Dailey stated, “We had to shut down the Radio Station’s phone request lines because thousands of simultaneous calls from listeners continued to crash the phone system.”

Mr Dailey candidly stated, “It’s a good problem to have, so Im told but people become angry when their phones or website crash because our listeners seemingly all come at once.”

This is a unique problem for Indie100 simply because the internet allows the station to be heard in all time zones across the world.

Unlike most Internet Radio stations, Indie100 operates out of a real working radio studio in a 10 story office building were several FM Stations also operate. On Air hosts walk in to the studio and perform their radio shows in a fully equipped air conditioned studio festooned with flat screens and high end computers. Indie100’s fully equipped Digital Studio in Burbank, California is across from Disney Studios and NBC in the heart of the Entertainment Industry in Burbank California. Indie100 has streamed music to over 6 Million smart phones, personal computers and other electronic devices in just this past year and has been in operation since 2008.

According to a 3rd party world map placed prominently on the Radio Stations Website, in just over a year over 6 Million unique visitors have tuned in to Indie100. As with any radio campaign the key is consistency and Indie100 has several shows that appeal to different ranges of internet users. This radio station reaches all demographics and is able to effectively put advertisers’ products in front of a receptive public.

Office workers are inspired in the morning with the Award Winning Radio Show Dare to Dream hosted by best selling author Debbie Dachinger. Tech Geeks and Entertainment junkies are met during the Lunch broadcast of “Geek World”.

Laugh seekers are met in the afternoons with witty comedy and celebrity guests on Cooper Talk hosted by Steve Cooper of the Low Rider Live Show hosted by Tony Montana and Funny Man Robert Zapata. Video game and Online Addicts are up until the early hours listening to several free flowing music shows that feature, all genres of music to keep fans interested and tuned in.

Indie100’s music stream is easily played while many users are at work, the website is not coded as an entertainment site, not listed as a broadcast streaming source and not easily monitored boy traffic software thus allowing its listeners to get thru the “entertainment site” firewall block used in many corporate offices.

Indie100’s basic ad package that is usually offered at over $3,000 per quarter will be offered at an initial price of $500 - $800 to qualified business. This package includes 30 to 50 commercial plays per week and can be targeted to reach certain demographics at the advertiser’s request.

Contact Info:
Gerald Dailey (media coordinator)
(702) 562-1266