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Popular Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Pill Now Available for 50% Off, Reports ENetHealth.com


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- Since it first appeared on FOX News, Raspberry Ketone Plus has quickly become one of the top-selling raspberry ketone weight loss supplements, and has reportedly generated well over 1 million sales worldwide.

It has long been the best-selling weight loss supplement at Evolution Slimming, who ship this product all over the world for a small delivery charge, and sales are now set to rise even further because all of their Raspberry Ketone Plus packages are now available for at least 50% off according to ENetHealth.com.

Here are some of the latest discounts that are available when people buy this highly effective weight loss supplement (in US dollars):

- Raspberry Ketone Plus (60 capsules) - $62 --> $31
- Raspberry Ketone Plus (120 capsules) - $124 --> $58
- Raspberry Ketone Plus (180 capsules) - $187 --> $84
- Raspberry Ketone Plus (360 capsules) - $373 --> $148

Commenting on this latest promotion, a spokesman for ENetHealth.com said:

“Raspberry Ketone Plus is arguably the most effective raspberry ketone supplement on the market right now in 2013 because the raspberry ketones help to suppress the appetite, and act as a potent fat burner thanks to their ability to increase both the expression and secretion of adiponectin.”

“Not only that but this particular supplement also contains 8 additional ingredients, which include a mixture of superfruits and antioxidants, that were all included because they each have their own unique weight loss properties.”

“So the fact that this particular supplement has been discounted so heavily makes this a great time for people to give Raspberry Ketone Plus a try because this really is a very powerful fat-burner that works extremely well when combined with a healthy lifestyle.”

Anyone that would like to find out more about Raspberry Ketone Plus, or would like to take advantage of this latest promotion, can do so by visiting:


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