Popular Tech Blog Highlights Role of Disaster-Proof Business Telecom Equipment in Crisis Situations

Tech blog recently published an article highlighting how disaster-proofed business data and data processing systems achieved through the use of data centers and virtualization services (cloud-based services) can keep businesses running at optimal capacity even in the event of disasters such as the recent hurricane Sandy.


Bay Shore, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- A new article on popular tech blog reveals how disaster-proofed business telecom solutions keep businesses running at full steam even during extended downtime or periods of low business activity. It showcases the use of hosted data services and virtualization as opposed to actually owning and operating local machines apart from essential in-office solutions such as VoIP phones, business phone system equipment, hosted PBX systems, corded or cordless analog phone systems, and VoIP phone system solutions.

Disaster-proofing essentially refers to means and methods used to secure (backup) and virtualize business data and business data systems respectively in order to improve the security of data and data installations as well as ensure that local accidents or crises do not disrupt business data processing activities.

Key ways to achieve disaster-proofing include the use of colocation (data center) facilities. Typically, data centers have multiple facilities spread around a country so even when an entire geographical area is knocked out by a geological event such as an earthquake, tsunami or hurricane, the business data hosted on such systems are simultaenously available at, and accessible from, alternate locations.

Additionally, data centers help businesses achieve a second dimension of disater-proofing called virualization. Under virtualization, businesses ‘outsource’ their data processing needs via cloud-based services. This means that they do not need to own or operate their own IT equipment. So there is no need to worry about data systems being destroyed by flood, fire or mechanical damage during geological events or other disasters.

The article showcases how disaster-proofing of business data and technology ensures that businesses stay on course for optimal productivity even during extended downtime periods. is a dedicated tech blog powered by tech writers with expertise across various tech fields and disciplines including telecom, Internet, mobile & cellular, health IT, e-commerce, and more. By presenting up-to-date information on today’s leading technology and providing valuable and key insights into what the future may hold, provides its readership with a view into their world like they’ve never had before, as well as a way to track and anticipate the changes our world faces in a digital age.

“Disaster-proofing ensures that the vital data and systems required to keep your business running at optimal productivity are not affected during extended downtime situations like the recent hurricane Sandy,” says a spokesperson.

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