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Popularity of Dried Blueberries Soars Among Diabetic Patients

Developments in dehydration technology substantiates the unprecedented popularity of dried blueberries for product development in all categories


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2019 -- As such, dried blueberries have become a viable option for formulating an array of intermediate and low-moisture products and snacks. Dried blueberries are historically tremendous in a variety of cereal products, in adding sweetness, color, flavor, texture, nutritional value and both instant hot and dry cereal products. These insights are according to the report titled, "Dried Blueberries Market—Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018-2027," which has been of late incorporated in Market Research Hub's (MRH) ever-expanding repository. Given dried blueberries are rich in vitamin K which aids in reducing the risk of bone fractures, mainly in postmenopausal women who are prone to osetporosis, the popularity of dried blueberries has soared. Growing obesity in North America has gravitated many people to special technique to lose or maintain weight. Besides, dried blueberries are a viable source of fiber.

As such, USDA National Nutrients database states apart from keeping digestive system healthy, fiber assists in containing blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. As blueberries are a low-carb fruit with a low glycemic index, popularity of dried blueberries have surged among diabetes patients. Several epidemiological and clinical studies have revealed a link between enhanced cardiovascular health and anthocyanins as the latter is a potent phytochemicals which give berries their color.

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Dried Blueberries Market: Report Content

The report offers a robust assessment on the dried bluberries market underpinned by quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition, the report focuses on the facets of the market that have significant influence on the development of the Dried bluberries market, elucidating drivers, trends, opportunities and restraints. The report focuses on the segmentation of the market to provide a deep dive assessment of the market.

The report incorporates executive summary and overview section that presents a robust assessment on the dried bluberries market. Moreover, the report in the market overview section sheds light on PESTLE analysis to offer comprehensive analysis on the market. Further, the overview section further throws light on Porters' Five Force analysis which will aid in assessing competitive landscape with respect to dried bluberries market.

The coherent assessment of competitive scenario of the dried bluberries market is backed up by the Porters' Five Force Analysis. Further, the Porters' Five Force Analysis focuses on feasible strategies of the pertinent players in the dried bluberries market. Additionally, the report also elucidates SWOT analysis, company profile, product portfolio, recent development, company profile, strategic approach, key differentiation.

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Dried Blueberries Market: Research Methodology

The report is propelled by painstaking research conducted to offer a deep dive analysis. Primary research and secondary research have been applied to offer a judicious insights on dried bluberries market. The report is underpinned by primary research, incorporating veracious review from experts, telephonic interview, genuine views from seasoned analyst and surveys. Meanwhile, the secondary research encompasses EC filing, Factiva, trade journals and resourceful database. Additionally, the report shed light on absolute dollar opportunity analysis and Y-o-Y projections.